Is President Trump doing a good job so far?

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    Learning on the job, if only they would let him get on with it.



    They are actually letting him get on with the job. Watch Paul Ryan talk about Medicare. The job is going to be done. All aspects up to and including, education, public transit, Meals On Wheels, a fourty year old woman with breast cancer, choosing one's own child's school, day care, the infamous wall, a doctor and how much the service they provide fits into one's budget, the selling of government land, and national defence.
    The only people who have the power to stop anything is Donald's own Republican Party. the moment. He seems to fire anyone who does not agree and if they have an actual and factual legal stance.... that will be spoken badly about, Tweeted about or, as that kid who could not play by the rules of Monopoly, just make up an entirely new rule.

    The Middle East is getting pretty interesting. Putin is quite the chess player.

    Destabilization is the word of the day, USA.

    Think about this and keep in mind, that I am not taking sides. This is like watching a movie.

    ... as a person who has hired many people to fill positions in companies, the people who had great potential but did not possess experience began at the bottom, as did I. Donald Trump has no experience what so ever and got the Top Job. In the real world, that would never happen. It would be akin to me having a person on the sales floor talking about negative and positive ion exchange in a marine aquarium when they have only ever owned a ten gallon tank, loves pets and thinks my store is a really cool place to work. I hire them based on enthusiasm and proceed to nurture the learning process. I don't give that person my job. ... I train them to have my job some day.

    That makes sense.

    It does appear he is doing okay,but more to do..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....yes, outside the distractions

                           So far so good.

    NO NO! NO!



    The destabilization of fact from fiction within the observer's head is beyond fascinating.
    Putting all politics aside, belief systems aside, every single thing that can be learned from history aside... this Donald Trump thing is the most interesting subject, (without bias attached), that I have ever witnessed in my life time.

    I have to weigh in on this subject because it actually is important.  This is not about whether or not Donald Trump is doing a good job as there are many facets to the United States of America political process.  What will be and what will not be law, standards, and basic procedures as voted upon.  As it stands right now, it's a Republican deal.   

    Basically this guy was voted into the top position of power in the United States without a resume that makes any sense.  He did not start at the bottom and work his way up.  In the real world, he would have never obtained the job. 

    For instance, if Donald Trump decided that he wanted to head NASA, would he be hired?  ... my guess is no.  If Donald Trump decided he wanted to run the Shedd Aquarium, applied for the job, would he be hired ... my guess is no.  If Donald Trump decided he wanted to be the Dean of Notre Dame University just because he thought that was a great idea... he would have to stand in line behind a lot of extremely qualified human beings.  The wait could be very long. 

    Power for thought.    


    You don't need a sensible resume to be President of the USA...

    fish-O it could be that most Americans are tired of all the crap. We let everyone and there brother in this country, give them free benefits, can't even take care of our own homeless, our military is becoming a laughing stock. Giving Billions of foreign aid that we don't have, still can't take care of our own people.

    That is apparent JDB and now you are positioned to take care of even less.

    ROMOS.... that leaves you and me out :)

    And by the way JDB, you do realize the man is a compulsive liar. Fact checking never was so interesting.

    Fish-O I believe Hillary was much worse. So far he's doing what he said. And They just sent 100 million to Flint Mich instead of empty promises of help like the last one.

    Almost anyone can come to this country Legally and that's fine. Its the ones coming across illegally that should be stopped How many thousands of people a day are coming into your county illegally??

    And its so nice that your blaming this country's problems of the last 30 or more years on somebody that hasn't even been in office 100 days yet.. Maybe you should stop listening to all the liberal crap. Even the Mayor of Chicago is blaming Trump for that cities war zone..

    Actually, JDB... I am not blaming the man for anything and we do have people crossing our boarders almost every day seeking refuge from your country.
    The only thing that I am saying is, it's looking pretty bad.
    You guys were the ones who marched into Iraq, completely ignored what was going on in Syria (for most of my adult life... the situation was predicted in my very early 20's) and, now basically it's USA only and every man (person) for themselves.

    I do hope tourism is not a large part of your economy.

    If you have a bit of extra cash buy stocks in Monsanto and Dow.

    @ Romos. I really have to stop volunteering.

    It is weird though, jumping in the puddle is rewarding. Some things in life are larger than money. All sorts of goodness in ways you never imagined are "the return".

    I don't know either one of you. My only point is, this new government is looking pretty bad from the perspective of where I live. Nothing that Donald Trump and his people represent touches any part of our phlilosophy. ... with any one that I know.

    It's freaky. For us, it is akin to watching a train wreck in ultra slow motion.

    One more thing JDB. The mentioning of Puget Sound is because of the funding to keep it clean for salmon is directly realated to fishing for the Native American Indians who fish in the sound for food. That dining is now at the top of the list of items to be cut.
    No one is blaming. These are just the lives that will be effected by environmental cut backs.

    I guess these people can give up their traditions and shop at Costco.

    These days are interesting.

    country bumpkin

    Fish-O. Stop trying to goad JDB into an argument. You have made your point.

    I am not trying to goad anyone into anything. I have stated that I am not taking sides and that I am for all intense and purpose, an observer. I am watching a really interesting movie cb. ... We do have our own stuff here in Canada as well. The players are just a little less dynamic but, with time, that could change.

    I don't think Donald Trump had anything to do with the Russians. My bet is that, after looking at many, many stories pertaining to the subject... he had nothing to do with those nefarious workings.

    Our big story here, where I live... a housing bubble. Apparently our housing market has been inflated past it's monetary value because Chinese criminals are buying up properties in Vancouver and leaving them empty or place a Chinese student in these incredibly beautiful developed properties in high end neighbourhoods in order to skip through the loopholes. It is effecting all homeowners across the lower mainland. ... Again, watching an interesting movie.

    Now, I am going to sort Lego as my son and I came across some pretty fantastic deals this Spring Break. Our high adventure.

    I am 55 and I do have a 7 year old. What are the odds of me seeing my grandchildren grow up? Seven years can change a person in a very large way.

    @ cb. I mean this in a very honest way. The more I watch, the more investigations that are underway, the more heart broken I become. No country deserves this. People don't deserve this. What is happening in the White House right now is crushing.

    I really hope next week is a very good week. I do hope there are no crimes that have been committed. At the moment I feel as if the United States has voted for some one akin to Pol Pot ... delusional and massively strange. I want that not to be true.

    At least he's trying to keep his campaign promises, which is more than I can say for the last  50 years of presidents.


    he does do what he says. I pray everything goes in the right way for him and family.

    I think he's doing just fine.

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