How do you like Steve Bannon, President Trump's right hand man?

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    Not a fan!


    He looks like a thug who beats people up but since he's a friend of The Donald, he must be a fine, upstanding citizen and very kind as well as respectful to people, especially women!


    Title: "Birds of a Feather" by Donald J. Trump

    he looks kinda like a bum. I wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw a stone.......which isn't very far.

    terryfossil 1

    is not that the sort of answer you would give for any politician MCM..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Oh, don't ask me.  Anybody who might read these post already knows my answer. I'll keep quiet and hold my puke and admit the man can do no right.....

    I go along with Trump,and i will go along with Bannon if he is the same as Trump,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Breitbart, Info Wars and couple of guys that should have written science fiction instead of what they called philosophy. ... One is dead and the other one does not give interviews.

    All of Breitbart is BS, they targeted Trump from the outset, they are a company of disrepute, and should never be believed, go figure, the poor man can do nothing right.

    Breitbart News was run by Steve Bannon after Andrew Breitbart died basically on the street after taking a walk. It was large news and apparently real news, (He could be walking around with Elvis and Jim Morrison... who knows). Donald Trump likes Breitbart News and has quoted articles written by them.
    He even went as far as to hold an article up and show it to the camera published by Breitbart News during a televised interview.
    I watched the interview so, it can't be fake news covering fake news.

    We could let Kellyanne Conway Circle Talk her way around the subject ... then all of us will be completely clear.

    I actually don't have an understanding of what you wrote Romos. Breitbart gets the reserved seat at press meetings. ???

    Maybe, British fake news is different than Canadian fake news. Let's consult Wiki-Leaks. Oh yeah! Julian is stuck in a very white building for not doing what two women said he really did.

    ... And, now we return ourselves to the very first month of insanity.

    .... leery, at best.

    What should be thought about is who Stephen K Bannon actually is.   What the man stands for and who surrounds him.

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