Should President keep Mike Flynn?

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    Not if he's as smart as he likes to let on to everyone. This is the first time that he has admitted that he wasn't aware of something. Interesting time to plead "uninformed". Hah!

    ....opinion: no.

    I just woke up, the guy quit already. I think all the rich cabinet members should just go away. trump with them.....

    He is President so i guess he can do what he likes,,except put a ban on entry into USA..people were worried about him pressing the button,what a joke,he cannot even ban possible terrorists into his own country,what chance does he have of pressing a button..Obama was a lame duck and this one has no power,,thats presidents for ya..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    You could start with evidence to back up your claims.

    What fish said. You just didn't like Obama. Are you a racist? Must be, one can't get much whiter than trump.....

    Oh, Julie. Please watch the Orange One's public address from yesterday. It will kill one million of your brain cells. And, that apparently is a good thing.

    I personally am waiting for an axe murderer or a flesh eating zombie to come along. ... For me.
    terryfossil 1

    You disappoint me JH,i am actually blacker than you are..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. And yes i did not like her husband,so i would assume her politics would be the same as his..

    One doesn't have to be white to be racist.....
    terryfossil 1

    I am just curious why you threw the racist word in there,as it has not been mentioned anywhere on this question.??

    I have nothing to say except the racist thing has been very, very, hugely and bigly obvious for a ... hold on here... a very, very long time.

    That is probably an alternative truth and 97 people didn't take photos on their cell phones while I had that idea.... so it doesn't really count.

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