Breakfast favorites?

    My son's family has been in a hotel for 6 weeks while home repairs are underway. I take the 4 school aged kids to school MWF and feed them breakfast at the lounge near the lobby. I like to give them small egg/cheese omelette, juice, milk, and toast. One likes the sausage patty and longs for bacon. I have my eye on the cinnamon buns. 

    What's your favorite breakfast?

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    Two eggs on toast, bacon. Milk, coffee. On the weekend. Weekdays it's usually coffee then just a bowl of cold cereal on 9:30 break. 

    Homemade of course.....


    Soup! Very common in Asia.

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    Soup for breakfast Quacker????thats more of a lunch or tea time food..???..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I like it for breakfast. So do they in Asian countries I'm told. I heard a Chinese lady say that soup is always on breakfast menus over there, not unusual at all. Did you read the link I attached?
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    I read the link Quacker,,and soup is more common in Asia,,Asian food is not top of the ladder in Aussie..although soup is common in Aussie but not for Breakfast,,I could you ever replace Weet-Bix or Porridge with a vegetable SOUP..";:):):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Very easily. :)

    Weet-Bix and Porridge,Image result for porridge photosImage result for weet-bix photos


    Strange combo.
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    C'mon Duck,i alternate..:):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    My taste for breakfast hav'nt changed -  Vegemite on toast and a hot cup of 43 bean coffee.  :)

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    A coupla cups mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    On weekdays it's a bowl of porridge, sometimes at weekends I also have either two poached eggs or scrambled eggs on toast. If we stay in a hotel I will usually have cereals and a full English ie fried egg or eggs , a rasher of bacon, a sausage or two, beans, and/or tomatoes.

    In days gone by, my breakfast often consisted of two rashers of medium sliced bacon, one pork sausage, one fried egg, one canned tomato and bread & butter. This was finished off with a pot of strong tea to wash it all down. On other mornings it may simply be a bread roll with either cheese or ham.

    Nowadays I am perfectly satisfied with cornflakes or Weetabix, delicious! ….. and quite plain really.


    And cleans the system out too. :)


    A rasher is a slice of bacon ducky.

    Rasher = slice? Why not use the right word then and just say 'slice'? lol

    A rasher of bacon is a thin slice Ducky. I should have said that really.

    It's okay. I'm always curious about words I don't understand but.....I always enjoy bugging members too! :) egg over hard with hot sauce, slice of wheat toast with strawberry jam, two slices of crisp bacon and coffee

    A hot bowl of oatmeal smothered with honey along with toasted apple-nut bread with butter. Only get it when my wife is home and feels like making it.

    My favorite is an avocado omelette that my husband makes.  It is beyond delicious.  I am allergic to eggs so I only have it once in a blue moon which makes it that much more special. 

    Love oatmeal with cinnamon, sometimes pancakes with maple syrup.

    Oatmeal with cinnamon, mix in an egg , walnuts, and a little coconut oil. Kitchen smells good too.

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