How do you operate this place???

    I have 223 replies, do I have to answer them all or respond??  Jeesh!  Who's in charge?

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    country bumpkin

    mycatsmom comment moved to where it belongs.

    Welcome back, Vin. Did you miss us ?

    8 Answers

    ....your choice

    Get reading, you spend too much time elsewhere.

    You have a lot of reading to do so get busy. :)

    Welcome back, paesan!


    You must be Italian too, Clongey, b/c you know what Paesan means. I heard my late Sicilian / American husb and his sisters use that term.

    We operate well enough to recognize you and to know that you've been gone awhile. But I must say your re-entry is just what we need,  you asked a question! Keep the good work up! 

    We are ALL in charge here. Yes you must respond to each one!    :)

    Telepathically !!!



    I see it!
    country bumpkin

    This looks like an X-ray taken when my son was constipated.

    lmbo Did he swallow a Bigfoot!? Lordy Lordy!!! LoL
    This big fella was filmed walking through the woods with a youngster clinging to his back ... I caught the screenshot using the light bouncing off the tree that the guy filming iit is hiding behind... btw this guy filming is also carrying a long rifle and never once thought of taking aim!! People or animals? I say they are people!!!
    country bumpkin

    It still looks like an X-ray when my son was constipated. LOL

    lololol Don't tell Biggy ! [still laffing ]
    tnx cb! ;D
    terryfossil 1

    It looks like the shot was taken at close range..Why is it blurred..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I grabbed a screenshot here to try to see his face but also increased the size of the snap [he is pitch black in color] ... he was sitting with a small clan but when the camera guy showed up he threw baby on his shoulder and got up to play decoy. These wild folks are not keen to interact with us. There are numerous sightings being reported in Queensland right now mate!

    @terry....Big Foot has ALWAYS been blurred. No one can ever get a good picture, even with all our modern technology. Amazing isn't it? I think his real name is BLURRRRRR....... foot! lol
    terryfossil 1

    @Duck,i do find it odd that in this day and age and technology,of heat sensors,infra red light,x-ray,sound equipment,ect,ect,ect,they still cannot find the so called..(bigfoot,,yowie,,abominable snowman,,Nessie,,and the Tasmanian Tiger,,and that is all before we mention Aliens..i think hollywood has done a great job..>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    Thanks Ter ... LOL
    p.s. Hollywood was one of my nicknames ... lol


    wot? wood wot duck?

    Ask yourself if you would like to be replied to Vinny and react accordingly..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    I don't even understand what that means.
    terryfossil 1

    Sorry mate,us Aussies do talk a bit fast..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    hahahaha roaring with laffter!

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