Do YOU think Obama sympathizers with the Islamic terrorists?

    Apparently,  Trump thinks it's possible. Clinton is twisting the point he's trying to make. Obama does seem to have trouble identifying the recent mass murders...committed by assassin's claiming ties to radical Islamic terrorist radical Islamic terrorists.  How come we didn't have a problem calling Nazis "Nazis" and communists "communists"? 

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    SYMPATHIZES WITH....typo changing things

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    Why do you think he evades the RIT "label"?

    He is a diplomat of the highest degree, not a great President I'll admit, but a good man with good intentions, too much to contend with in your political system.

    Hmmmm. I'll think about that.

    Maybe he is being cautious with his words so as not to stir up an already fearful, edgy, angry nation/world. Back in the day of "Nazis", it was a very different climate. Everyone, everywhere was not constantly feeling, 'appalled', 'insulted', 'shocked', 'dismayed' and on and on. People LOOK for someone to say the wrong thing these days, so they can riot or protest or otherwise cause trouble over (sometimes) a simple observation. Everyone is on edge and rightly so but a sense of 'calm' needs to come from someone, somewhere. These are awful times and I would hate the responsibility of having to speak to a nation. Trump, of course, will seize the opportunity to do more stirring of the pot. Shame on him.


    However, Trump isn't mincing words and stuttering all over himself. Something is definitely screwy about Trump, but Obama just seems ominous to me....

    I'm just saying that Trump's rants are inappropriate at this particular time. He might show a little more compassion instead of trying to push himself forward (as usual) before these people are even buried. Families, medical personnel, police, FBI, etc. are so stressed out right now, they don't need to hear from 'King Trump' who appears to have all the answers regarding the solution to this current sad situation.

    I won't disagree with you, though the spaghetti spines in power are just as bad

    Oh I agree.

    ....opinion: I feel the President thinks that the tough threatening talk will not be respected by ISL because they have a different value on life and will react to show Americans they can't be intimidated or pushed around.


    Oh,Wise One,,

    Of course not. Good grief. 

    No I think he's just as mindblown as everyone else is.


    Maybe you are onto something...he seems afraid to speak.

    ... it is such a shocking terrifying crime with so many youngsters involved so the ptsd will run rampant among victims and the families. Aftermath here is full of lessons about this crazy 'new' world.... security and a different approach to monitoring these so-called 'potential' terrorists has to be addressed because who wants to live in constant fear? This is nuts! This is why I don't like malls or movie theatres at all ... or public transit for that matter. You never know when someone's gonna snap!!!

    Agoraphobia is becoming almost rational


    Not terrorists, but the Islam faith. 


    He can't seem to separate Islam from "radical Islamic terrorists", which are quite different.
    terryfossil 1

    As a lady with knowledge once said,not all muslims are terroists,but most terroists seem to be muslim..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think everyone has an opinion on this subject,i reckon you could throw a rock at any opinion,and whoever you hit will be right in some way..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    No , but remember he is a muslim.


    Anyone with a brain wave should know that, but he seems to think we're all too stupid to see it.

    The U.S. has given the Islamic regime money over the years. It gave Saddam Hussein a lot of money .


    Can you elaborate on how this response answers the question?

    During the Iran-Iraq war. Economic assistance in the form of billions, if my memory serves me correctly. United States did give Iraq what would be considered currency.
    United States backed Iraq regarding border controversy and what seems to be now, bolstering the Ba'ath Party.

    ... There is a lot more to the story. Massively complex. Unbelievably interesting. :)

    And, 'no'. Nine months later. - The answer to your question by me Bobette.

    There is, Fish, there certainly is. One can find support for however one wants to believe, regardless of actual facts, which seems to be most missing from our news.

    I was talking to my Aunt about this very subject today.
    I research the heck out of everything these days. Relying on someone else's version of the truth just does not cut it any more.
    Quite disappointing as they are the people being paid to bring the facts to us. :(

    when Obama was president, he said, "We're not going to support Israel as much as we used to. "

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