So, guess what. I have a friend who actually had a husband who was murdered. Crazy. He was just tryining to stop his truck from being broken into. He leaves three adorable girls behind and a wife who has secondary liver cancer. Please pray.

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    I am upset... my spelling is out there. He was crushed beyond belief.... Her name is Meghan

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     What a horrific tragedy!  So sorry to hear about this and may God bring strength and comfort to Meghan and her children during their time of grief.


    It is bad. Thanks for answering. He was a good guy and the article was in the paper today.

    Just nice people raising a family and trying their best.

    :-(      The family is in our prayers.


    It is horrible. He was working in Alberta for a Trucking company going back and forth to spend time with his family. They have three young girls. He was trying to stop someone from breaking into his truck in a parking lot when another person rammed into him and pinned him in between their vehicle and his. He was rushed to Edmonton but was dead before arriving at the hospital.
    Meghan was not permitted to look at him because he was in such bad shape. She received his cell phone, wallet and wedding band.
    He actually was one of those good guys. He loved his family and his community. ... It is unbelievably sad.

    I wonder if the person who pinned him thought he was the bad guy?
    This is senseless and unthinkable tragedy.
    I thought stuff like this only happens in the US

    He was rammed to death.

    Also, I think you should stick up for your grandchildren that are not so white. ... I stand hard against racism.

    My grandchildren are eligible for all kinds of goodies becausme they aren't Lilly white. People are crossing ethnic lines here with little obvious problems. I'm sure the women's parents are disappointed in the same way I am that their daughters went outside their ethnicity, but the merging of different cultures helps make for kids who grow up with compassion for almost everyone. It's good for me, especially, but I haven't changed my mind about sloppy immigration policies. My son's in-laws are actually on the same page as me. We want a safe world for those children.

    I am happy that people are not lily white. I am kind of sick of the subject.

    I won't stand down against racism.

    You shouldn't.
    But...even the most logical, sincere, intelligent "argument" will not enable some to see the forest through the trees.
    Imagine the frustration when that person is a loved friend. Sometimes, for our own sake (and those around us), we let go. When the queen was blackballing me and trying to distract me from the issues we butted heads about, I would bemoan to a friend who encouraged me to delete akaQA completely. I had to put it aside and live my life being the best mom and daughter, friend, employee, teammate, grandma, etc. I could be and let her live her unpleasant existence and think what she wanted about me and everything else.

    You are correct and I am done. I can not know a racist and I won't. You guys are free to hang out with him if you like. It is not my place to judge.

    I have friends who are Muslim and would not dream of hurting another person and my family has life long friends who's grandson is transgender.

    Anyway Bobette... we could go on for hours. I have so many things to do today and we are raising funds in our community for a friend who actually needs real help.

    You have my email address and I value your friendship. Drop me a line when you have a few minutes.

    I also hope you don't think that I am blackballing Terry. He says the worst of things and gets away with it. He calls me names and gets away with it. The Queen used to shut that stuff down. But hey, everyone seems to think he is a one man think tank, so I must be wrong.

    This negative energy is not the best way to start the day. My son is in a production of the Wiz today and tomorrow and I have a friend who's husband was murdered last Saturday. Terry is off my list of things to do.

    And, by the way, the Queen did have a weird hate-on for you. I have no idea why. Her and another member, Jenn actually thought you were transgender. ... Life is a curious adventure. The conversation occurred on Skype. It was nasty, I said goodbye and hung up. ... So, there is the truth.


    What fun to be in a production like The Wiz. To your star, "Break a leg!" (You'll explain what that really means)
    Most of my life has been spent expecting and accepting my dislike-ability, so nasty-minded people like the two you mentioned are no surprise, though the transgender thing is weird. I think she harassed me so much because I didn't back down much. Her minions did her bidding without even knowing anything about me.
    Whatever, good riddance to them both.
    I should be able to email by weekend. It's always on my mind.

    It would be nice to hear your news and I do have the one question to ask.
    I can't hang out in a place where someone calls me stupid regularly. If I were to do that, I would in fact, be stupid.

    I am in my studio solid for the next week. My men are going on vacation while I frantically fire my kiln and my Mom, (who now lives with us), just bought herself a brand new BIG television.

    Have a great weekend and I do hope to hear from you. ... No bitter complaining on my part:)

    Even if you were transgender, I could not care less. I must say, that was an odd ball conversation. It happened right before Jenn had her affair and was ragging on people because they were being judgemental about a transient member talking about her affair.
    Jenn maybe was lashing out.
    The person who will not be named riled her up and Jenn quit shortly thereafter.

    I am on my I-phone. If there are spelling mistakes, forgive me. :)

    An affair? Well, not many advocate adultery.
    Hope the guys have a great time.
    Don't work yourself too hard. Enjoy your Mom. I hope she appreciates having a home with family.

    Very sad. Sorry to hear of this tragedy.


    It is very sad and completely senseless.

    That's a really terrible thing to happen, What makes someone do this to another human being.


    At the moment no one knows except someone was trying to break into his truck in a parking lot at a hardware store. He tried to stop them and then was rammed with another vehicle. He was pinned between his truck and the other vehicle and died on his way to hospital mid flight. He was a truck driver from our community who's company had him working in Alberta. His youngest is just over a year old.

    It really is beyond comprehension.



    Thanks. He was a member of our community and did a lot.

    I just can’t see how anyone could be so fill with rage and evil to do such a thing and when they catch the guy, make sure he is in right mind and well aware of what he’s done.

    You’ve had enough rotten sh*t gong on in your life for a lifetime. God doesn’t give us what we can’t handle, isn’t that stupid? I wish you a boring life…….


    How is that stupid?

    Because even the strongest would love to yell “calf rope” sooner or later….. And it’s not what she needs to hear at this point…...

    I'm missing your point. Should we be given more than we can handle? Much of life is a test of faith, whether by God's hand or free will choices. How you respond is up to you. Some turn to their faith, others away. Some charge in head-first and some pretend there's no problem.
    So, I don't understand what you mean by "isn't that stupid". God didn't tell us that...some person made it up and wants you to believe it. Sometimes we may get hit with more than we can handle!

    As I wrote, it’s not what someone in her situation wants to hear just yet. Nothing more. As tough as it is, Fish will go on. That it was God’s will is beside the point when it comes to comfort….

    I think it's her friend who has been given a terrible burden. FISH-O has asked us to send prayers for her friend. Empathy endures every misfortune.

    This is not about me. It is about my friend Meghan. She is a wonderful person. Her husband was murdered. When she was a child she played in my house. Her husband was a really good guy. It actually is on video how Niko was killed. He was rammed to death.

    If that video doesn't lead to arrest and conviction, it needs to be tucked away from Meghan and the children. I can't imagine watching that and staying sane

    The RCMP have found the driver and he is facing Murder degree 2. Meghan has her bank account on hold because her husband's autopsy is not complete as of yet. The community is rallying around her quietly as she is not someone who would ask for help. ... These are extremely good people and as far as I know, Meghan did see the video. Niko's uncle asked him to run an errand. The story is beyond sad.

    I'm so sorry for our civilized world, where this kind of violence and disregard for life is becoming commonplace. There needs to be public outcry and action by legislators, Swift and harsh judicial action and consequence. If our "leadership" doesn't respond, I see riots in the future like we've never known.

    Bobette, I think you are correct. I caught something on the news tonight that I wish I wouldn't have caught. Your Donald speaks before thinking.


    I'm dusting books and watching Mysteries at the Museum.
    I wish he'd be quiet.

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