Sitting in Detroit metro at 4 am, no sleep, listening to jets take off all night. Couldn't wait for coffee this morning.  Anyone else? Or what's your morning rituals. And surprisingly I'm not to grumpy. Haven't even barked at the Cathie yet. Going back for a second 20 oz'er

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    First thing I do in the morning is start the kettle and then tinkle and brush my teeth while the kettle comes to a boil.  I  drink my two to three cups of coffee while checking my Facebook, Akaqa, and email messages. I also read my old hometown news and check the obituaries. When I finish drinking my coffee, I cook brunch, take a shower and then do what ever needs to be done for the day.


    Enjoy your trip to Las Vegas, Dave


    Whoes Dave??

    Thats Rodney,,ask Ted,,

    Mate,life does not begin till after my first cup of coffee,and it does not have to be good coffee..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..""

    Yes please 2 lumps please and no milk,,

    ....already had my two cups at breakfast after mass this morning.

    ....God first, then coffee.


    The preceding is a paid religious announcement and does not represent the views of this station.
    Thank you and good night, nurse!

    I’m not awake unless I’ve had my first cup. I get moving after my second…….



    I don't like coffee, prefer just good water. Don't like alcohol either.

    I am allergic.  No surprise :D

    3 cups every morning gets my engine running.

    I have fruit juice with my porrage & honey for breakfast. I do like a good strong and milky coffee at about 10am.



    J Would have thought that youd like a pint down the pub Dave with me and Del,,

    Rodney , Dave, Del, This time next year we'll be miwyonears.

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