Would you go to a Madonna concert?

    Last night in Brisbane she kept her audience waiting for two and a half hours.The show finally kicked off at 11:20 PM.Did Madge apologise? Not Bl**dy likely! The audience paid $500 - $600 per seat.What a rip off.She would have to pay me to go see her.

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    I'm not the least bit interested. Madonna should have refunded half the ticket price for making her fans wait so long.


    She turned up on time for her second show last night.Peo[le at the first show are demanding a full refund & I don't blame them.
    country bumpkin

    It won't break the bank if Madonna gives full refunds.


    OK! OK! You've made your point. LOL

    No, unless it is convenient, free, and I have nothing better to do.

    While I'm no fan, I'd like to see what she's all about. Great known people tend to put on good shows. However   seeing as I wouldn't be there except the tickets were free, I'd walk out if she kept me waiting more than 45 minutes......

    There were cheaper seats Tom,,to your question NO NO NO,,nobody in creation is worth $500 a seat,,God i would go to see for $500,and i have a chance of getting a lot or nothing from him,,from Madonna a late night ,missed train,and a song i could get for nothing on a computer download,,stick her on a plane with Johnny Depp and his dogs,and send em back after tax..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    i like best when she fulls off the stage half p--s,
    terryfossil 1

    I am with you Hec..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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