Are you prepared?

     Spring semester began this week and the "doctor" instructing my History of Mexico class presented himself needing to wash his hair and having no syllabus for a class he has taught for several years. Informing us that he was a DOCTOR at the local state university here, he admitted he was just slumming it on the community college level because he lives nearby and is "the only one" qualified to teach the subject. 
    I'm far from perfect, but, c''ve taught the same course for years and you can't hand us a syllabus on the first day?  You ramble about El Chapo and repeat yourself for 75 minutes? 
    (I dropped the class and picked up a Western Civ class two doors down). 

    SO, the question is....when others are counting on and/or expecting you to be prepared for something that depends on your preparedness.....ARE YOU?  prepared, that is....

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    have to be prepared ... for a move by August 1st to Victoria city because Storm has been accepted at a private Art school there !!! Oh Momma !!!!



    Congrats to Storm! Nothing holding her back!

    Way to go Storm! You'll be fine Mom. :)

    good for Storm

    If others are depending on me I tend to over prepare, I try never to let anyone down, especially myself.

    Your tutor is not only letting his students down he is also letting himself down, sounds like he has a problem to me.

    I do my best to prepare myself for all occasions but I work myself into a total state of anxiety  while doing so which doesn't do me or anyone else much good.

    I am confident that I'm ready for anything that needs to be accepted. Is that preparation?



    I Was in the boy scouts,so I am always prerared,


    Dib dib dib!

    Dub dub dub.

    If there is a need for me to be prepared for something, I am. It is most likely for my own self preservation though. If I do not prepare well when it is expected, I feel anxious and tense. It is more enjoyable for me to be as well prepared as I can, then relax.


    I did not get where I am today dreaming about dreams

    I try to be but sometimes I think I have not done enough! I still have dreams of past occupations where I think I let "them" down!  Hate those nightmares!



    I have similar dreams, I think it's part of getting older. We regret things we haven't done , or haven't done as well at as we could have done, so we dream that we are still trying to achieve some of them.

    :( :(

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