Where is Winter? New England is warm and no snow. I am ready to plant palm trees soon.

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    Snow has finally arrived! About 13" so far and I am a happy girl. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and use my snowblower. I know, I'm a wee bit odd.

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    Winter has just arrived here in Bonny Scotland with a light sprinkling of snow and a chill in the air, we had the mildest Christmas and New Year on record, if climate change means the weather will get warmer and warmer here, bring it on!


    You didn't miss the usual snow and cold at Christmas time? I did.

    We had a little snow here the other night not enough  to cover the whole ground.  I love seeing white roof tops and snow resting on top of the tree branches, bushes and fence posts. So pretty!


    Exactly! Me too.

    It seems to have transplanted itself to Central California!  We have snow in the mountains, water in the river beds, fog, driving and drizzling rains, freezing nights, and biting cold during the day. 
    What a relief for us, as we've been dry far too long!  The only downside is when the dog has to be outside for extended time....but he has a "house" with a padded blanket and a queen-sized furry blanket. 


    Yes, thank goodness California is finally getting water from above.

    Hey! I’ll have you know it reached freezing in late November here in Austin.


    that's cold ? ! Try below zero Fahrenheit !

    Really. Yikes!

    We are just getting it now. The snow has stayed on the ground for the past couple of weeks, instead of melting away. We are at least two months behind our normal winter schedule which was okay with everyone but the skiers and snowmobilers. They are finally very happy.        


    I remember my snowmobiling days. I'm sure they are very pleased, along with the skiers.

    All smiles on local tv interviews. :)

    It's just tuned cold here in Southern England, for the first time this winter it's -1c . We have had a lot of mild wet weather,  I like it as it is now ,dry frosty and clear.

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