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    Yep You got it right!


    Did god have a gun??


    Doubtful, hector, but I don't see the connection.

    Well even if he did have a gun,would he have used it do you think??

    No. Why do you ask?

    just rambling thoughts
    terryfossil 1

    Would God need a gun,????,,he made us with a word,he could destroy us with a word..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Sounds about right to me.

    Oh, mighty Buda! No, I don't guess that's what you meant. Separation between church and state is all I'm saying......


    Honestly, jhh, exactly what do you mean? Do you see any laws requiring you to believe in a Supreme Being? Can you give a rational, convincing argument against any of those comments? Underline rational and convincing. When I make a mental list of all the objectionable " politically correct " concepts being forced down my throat, I find it reprehensible to be ridiculed, harassed, and subjected to prejudice without end for having faith.

    Jh, you've just been schooled in spelling and civics. Aren't you glad?

    No. I'm simply asking which God should we have in our schools if you think he belongs there?

    I'm going to take the PC way here and point out the sign says prayer in school, so "which God" is pretty much up to the individuals in the classrooms. I'm simply in disbelief that we support people changing their sex, defend sexual predators, advocate abortion of healthy fetuses, and have a fit over the pledge of allegiance or a prayer in a classroom. If nothing else, there could be a minute of silence every morning, in respect for all faiths.

    I agree. More guns, more God and lots more praying will solve all our problems.  

    It's worked wonders so far.  


    You forgot the homes without discipline and courts without justice, and there seriously hasn't been enough God in a very long time. Some of you are much too busy accepting everything BUT God.

    If I had to select a religion, I'd choose Jehovah's Witness. I've been schooled by many. There's is a religion I can truly respect. They don't judge either...... On the other hand, I come from strict God fearing stock. And look at me now, I'm a socialistic democrat.....

    Which religion has people judging you? Don't say Christians, please, because (as far as I can tell), that's not on God's agenda for them.

    Oh, good grief, Bob. Witnesses are Christian. You read between the lines too much. Perhaps out of familiarity?

    Oh, good grief, jhharlan. You beat around the bush too much. Jehovah's Witness' organization distorts the essential doctrines of Christianity. It denies the deity of Christ, His physical resurrection, and salvation by grace. These make it non-Christian.

    Bob, you're beginning to remind me of the absentee moderator who once upon a time appeared to take great pleasure out of believing she was always right.

    I've presented some actual facts, not opinions, which is what fueled Colleen most of the time. I don't "make it up as I go" and I certainly have more intelligence than to think anyone has to agree with me, OR that I am always right. Julie tends to go with the course of least resistance sometimes. I care enough about her to challenge that. If you would like a reference for the comment I posted about JW's, let me know. On second thought, here it is:

    digger, you've finally got religion ! Is it b/c of all the discussions on this site that finally convinced you ?

    MCM, does "tongue in cheek" not mean anything to you ?


    @jhharlan: it just kind of leaves one speechless sometimes, doesn't it.

    Evidently, I'm simply too subtle in my approach. Maybe this will help.


    Well presented, I must say but, I'm not an atheist. I just don't go along with the old fashioned way of believing. My relationship with my God is personal and nobody else's business.....


    I do have to agree with you Bob. Something is amiss in this country. Racism is rampant, the mass shootings, heck crimes in general are out if control. The last I new they haven't tried to  throw Allah or budda out of our schools or society. Whats happened from now to 40 years ago.or more 

    Quod gratis assentur, gratis negatur.


    I could not agree more Normdplume

    Mr Hitchens will still be shaving wherever he ended up.

    quae semper

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