You animal!

    If you were, what kind would you want to be.  Please post a picture to go with your answer if you are able!!! 

    (I'm still thinking about my choice).....

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    9 Answers

    Just a dog probably.Of all the animals they are probably the least mistreated thru ignorance.I won't post a picture.I believe you know what a dog looks like.LOL


    That's ok, tommy. Romos posted a pic for ya.
    terryfossil 1

    Going by your avatar Tom, i thought it would be a " Croc" ..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Has to be a dog....................



    Romos, That's a beautiful, noble looking setter or Shetland sheep dog mix ?

    Border Collie J.

    My choice is a (mammal) dolphin. Dolphins are very intelligent, playful and cute as a button. Dolphins have been known to help rescue fishermen and swimmers in distress, how cool is that! I also love the water and I would have so much fun exploring the mysterious oceans.


    cute mini video and the dolphin is smiling. When we went to Sea World near Cleveland years ago, I got to touch a Dolphin

    Everybody seems to want to be smart. I don't care really, as long as I can be one of MY pets!


    All "pets" are smart!

    The Dingo is the most beautiful and intellegent animal i know of>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. ""


    I've seen them in Central America, and in Puerto Rico too. They seem to be a world wide dog.
    terryfossil 1 An interesting read MCM.. I am not so sure they are a world wide dog..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Maybe they trained in Syria and spread out?

    Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) is a common African crocodiles ...Nobody would ever tell me again, "That was a "Croc of ****!"

    country bumpkin

    That's a scary thing to want to be. LOL

    Sorry clonge, but that's the ugliest animal I've ever seen. surely , you jest. You're just putting us on, right ?

    Yeah...just putting you on, like a pair of crocodile shoes. Seriously though, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." I'm sure Mr./Ms. Croc can find a suitable mate.

    Hm Hmm,well I like my belly rubbed,

    My pussies have a lovely  spoilt  life, so I think that's what I would be.


    Typical Essex man.

    Yes Roy, I spend a lot of my evenings, in front of the telly stroking my pussies.

    That's not very nice Bob to call a good friend,


    But a lover, it's OK

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