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    The Oklahoma woman who crashed into parade revelers may have mental illness that makes her unable to take responsibility for killing people.

    The woman who drowned her 5 kids while her husband was at work was suffering from depression.

    The guy who shot students in Oregon recently wasn't functioning on all 4 cylinders.

    .....and on and on and on it goes, mental health being used as to excuse the inexcusable.

    These are just a few examples from the USA.  You may have tragedies of your own homelands to share.  Do we still have consequences for people "who didn't know right from wrong" at a moment in time?  How?  If not, then what?


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    I get a check for being bi-polar. I have a chest full of medication to keep me in line. At my worse, was I ever a danger for others? Oh, I thought some pretty evil thoughts but a danger only unto myself. I don't get this new fad that allows one to cause harm to others.....


    If I had a whole hand of thumbs, I'd give them all to you...facing up

    It seems that mental illness is the "new excuse" for why a person should not be punished. I think the defense lawyers need to go way, way back in the person's history, in order to come to that conclusion. Otherwise, if I suddenly decide that I hate someone, I can just go out and start shooting, claiming mental illness.


    .....which should be a crime in itself.

    People who have mental health issues are certainly on the rise.Drug use is a big contributing factor to mental illness.It doesn't help that a lot of the psychiatric hospitals have been closed down and these mentally ill people are allowed to roam the community.The sane or insane that commit terrible crimes should be held accountable for their actions, just incarcerated in different institutions.  


    Very well put, PL. Thank you!

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