So, for what reason does the student lose points for this answer?


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    Um...the teacher is not very smart? (Proving once again, there are good and bad in every profession.)


    Like ROMOS, I saw this on Facebook. Had the instructions called for estimation, the grade would be "reasonable". I don't see that direction


    The :NEW" math sucks!  What good is it doing?



    It's confusing everyone who gets within a pencil's distance, not to mention what it does to the rest of us!

    The posting on Facebook referred to this as "common core math". Is it possible that this was posted by someone to discredit Jeb Bush who is in favor of common core math??


    Knowing some of those who have posted different "common core math" nightmares, I don't believe they are out to get Jeb Bush. I think the teachers really have their heads in the clouds on this. One has to teach the rationale behind the strategy. It looks like a teacher miss on this one.

    Ye, I know, saw it on facebook yesterday.

    Bloody RIDICULOUS!

    Glad my wages weren't "estimated" this way, what the h**l are they teaching kids these days.


    My granddaughter has been known to cry over the first grade math. This is why.

    being that she wasn't told to " estimate the answer " , the teacher was wrong to take points off. The student's answer was correct. Maybe at the beginning of the assignment,the instructions said   to estimate all answers.


    That is definitely a possibility, and not providing THAT information to us (this is all that showed on Facebook) really makes the teacher look ridiculous in deducting points. I do wonder if the children understand the term "reasonable" and if they were adequately practiced in "rounding" - something MY sons got in 4th grade (in the "advanced" class in the district).
    "I pity the fool" who has to help his kid with this kind of math.

    I don’t get it…...


    We're getting the test instead of the instruction. I get "estimate", but if that wasn't explained clearly or practiced sufficiently, kids are going to be looking for a reasonable answer by performing the appropriate procedure. I don't think children understand "reasonable" at this point in time....this would be at least 2nd grade, in my "reasonable estimation".
    Correction: this is beyond 2nd grade, even with today's super - intelligent kids racing through the ranks of elementary school with ease...not

    Image result for comedy maths photo Hey Bob,,this should just about explain my interpretation of math,,i am okay at a few other things,maths aint one of them..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    I never got past geometry!

    The teacher must have been Mr. Costello!


    I love those guys! THAT was comedy!
    terryfossil 1

    Yep,thats my kinda maths Clonge..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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