Black cats crossing your path.
    Walking under a ladder.
    Stepping on a crack or a line on the sidewalk.
    The number "13" especially on a Friday.

    Those are some "traditional" superstitions, which many believe and just as many more scoff.

    Maybe it's more of an "OCD" type behavior, or a routine you can't break.  I, for one, do NOT step on the "slab"  lines in concrete, adjusting the length of my stride to avoid them.  There is no fear of anything, just an obsessive orderliness that requires me to pace myself within the concrete slabs.   :o

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    "Bale of hay, bale of hay, make a wish and look away". I do it and didn't I teach you about holding your breath crossing bridges? Remember, Bob?

    Never cut my nails on a Sunday, it was one of my Mothers that has stuck with me, nothing else bothers me. I believe it's something to do with the bible (not cutting hair nor horn) or something similar, to this day in Scotland barbers won't open on a Sunday in deference to the church.


    Many barbers and "hairdressers" who are self-employed do not work on Sunday or Monday around here. I wouldn't presume the same in France, of course.

    Barber shops and hairdressers are closed here as well on Sundays and Mondays. I think they just want some time off....their feet ache! :)

    Like you,I'm OCD & I know it but not the slightest bit superstitious.I am obsessious about returning things to their rightful place.


    That's just being smart, Tommy (which we know you are). In my dad's "shop", where the semis received oil changes, new tires, and other minor maintenance, my dad had a sign posted, "PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT". Nothing was ever out of place. A few years ago, long after Dad died, I went to the "new and improved show" and asked to borrow some tool to help my mom do something. The guy who managed the shop looked in 4 different drawers and never found what was a very basic tool. "I know it's around here some place", he muttered. Should go without saying, my dad's sign was gone.
    You keep being OCD like that! As a "Christian soldier", I salute you.

    No superstitions for me.

    I've tried all forms of weirdness like OCD, belief systems inside-out and magical mind tricks to see if it works or not...if I liked it or not. Read many books in quest for answers...and as far as I'm concerned God has all of the happy answers.  


    Long time, no hear from....

    No, I try not to be too superstitious because as you say, it can lead into OCD type of behavior. However,  I do own a black cat called lucky and keep a horse shoe above the front door.


    Love the horseshoe and would love to get one, too! I had a black cat many years ago, named "Rocky" (after the movie), and he was the biggest puss!

    Of all the cats I have owned over the years my black cat has been the most affectionate. I tend to think black cats may have that quality.

    Rocky was a lover, too. Peanut has got to be at least 12 and has been an inside cat for 6 years. Before that, she barely saw a human, but she was always people-oriented. She is, without a doubt, the most affectionate cat I've ever had, and am so thankful for her. :D

    A blackbird standing on my windowself,


    What is the ominous meaning of that?

    something like that has happen 4 times ,and 4 people have died,

    Oh my, that IS terrible. :(

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