Any "hoarders" out there? Besides me...

    It's not bad enough I can't seem to thrown away anything that isn't universally decreed as trash, but I found myself keeping things from my parents' estate that certainly qualified as trash (the bottle of iodine that I know was in the medicine cabinet since 1960).  One man's trash, of course, as I displayed the "antique" bottle with other "antiques", such as foot powder and an RX bottle with a filled date of 10-26-1957.

    On the other hand, I just discovered a box of "my" stuff when I was a kid...including my two-foot long ponytail, which was cut off when I was 8 (so THAT'S my real hair color!), along with the scrap book my mom made to celebrate my birth (cards, announcements, mementos). I found cards dating back to 1947, signed "Mother" in wobbly handwriting, from my grandmother in NY to her daughter in CA.

    The question you hang on to stuff for sentimental (or psychological) reasons, as I have done, or are you able to discern between the "truly" valuable and the debris of life?  While unloading the storage unit with my son last week, he discovered several boxes of stuffed animals (dating back to the 1950's, yes, I admit it).  Opening one, he exclaimed, "Hey!  Monkey Joe", grabbed it from the box and gave it a hug before showing his wife one of his favorite stuffed animals.  (He's almost 29)

    Like mother, like mother.....


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    I don't have a problem due to "saving" things but I sure have stuff that I no longer need. I do some tossing every now and again but I have a long way to go. I recently came across some important papers belonging to my deceased parents and they need to be shredded. They passed away in 2007 and 2008. It's time!


    I've been taking things for shredding, 99 cents/pound. Am in about $22. :-(

    I bought a shredder for about $30.00. I do it myself.

    That's about what mine cost, but I'm not going to spend the time to shred 22 pounds of paper, then put it in my trash. I take 5-6 pounds at a time, and it's done

    I don't think I have as much as you do. I read through old stuff, then spend 5 minutes to shred it. After a couple of weeks, I have a grocery bag full. That's it. Slowly, it will get done.

    I go in spurts. Nothing in moderation

    You just KNOW that I can relate! lol

    Better peas
    Better pod

    A year ago when my "ex" was in the hospital rehab unit, I helped my daughter  clean out her house filled entirely in every room with junk. We filled a 30 foot dumpster and could have filled another had there been time. When finished you could actually walk thru the house. Unfortunately when she came home, it didn't take long to fill it again. Hoarding can be a horrible disease, Our daughter has paid for counseling for her but it didn't help. She has just gotten out of another rehab nursing facility where she hoarded "stuff" even when she was there (uneaten food, medical necessities, etc.). It saddens me that my children have to cope with this sad situation.


    I have only seen this situation on television and it has to be so difficult for family members to watch it. I have an acquaintance who admits to being a hoarder but she says, a "neat one". She cannot have me over to her house due to her embarrassment about it. Sad. We could be friends.

    So sorry to read your answer, Flip, for everyone involved. Really stressful for everyone and an illness terribly difficult to understand.

    I couldn't be a horder even if I wanted to,  my wife would make sure of that. If there's something I don't  use or wear  for a while it will be missing, to be found in the bag for the next jumble sale. 


    Maybe some happy middle ground????

    No, not me. I cannot stand clutter. I have a place for everything and everything is in its place.


    I admire you for that, PL! My dad's "shop", where his fleet of semis were serviced, including tire changes, had a sign that read, "PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT!"
    It's pretty obvious Dad's not around anymore.....

    I Have an attachment for old gold coins,if anyone out their has any that are cluttering up their house I will be glad to have them,


    I have a few of these doubloons Dougal, going cheap.

    hope they are not to tarness ,if not I will take them off your hands Ted,

    We'll have to discuss a price in the Bishops office.

    Me! ""


    Sucks to be you, too, apparently! How do we get this cleaned up?

    I had a lot of papers when I got married. My wife helped me; she had no emotional attachment to any of it. That made it a lot easier. Now that I'm on the verge of a divorce, and I have even more paper, I think it's time for another wife! Removing your attachment from the mess and having someone else get rid of it, might help get rid of the mess.

    Why would you think a wife will make everything better? Get a housekeeper, one who sleeps in her own bed.

    Well...not everything! As far as the housekeeper and her own bed, I have a king-size bed; no need for her own ;-) !

    Herein the problem, Clonge. Our western society doesn't generally recognize the role of "wife" as "servant".

    You're right, Bob. In many other countries, yes.

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