Which day of the week is the one you look forward to least? Because....

    "Every day is a good day, Alan. It's just that some are better than others."

                -Dad, responding to a business associate's remark that it wasn't a good day, as just about everything that could go wrong was in the process of doing just that

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    No more TU's, i am out completely. :(

    That means there was something going on today!

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    Saturday, because that is the day I have visitation with my son. He's 7.

    Fridays because I have two entire useless days to wait until I get back to work on Monday.


    Poor people. :(

    Like Bob said, every day is a good day. But if i had to choose, Mondays.

    The days that I look forward to least are any of those days when I really MUST do something because I have an appointment to be there!  <sigh>     :)

    Wednesday. Nothing good on T.V.

    In retirement i find one day to be the same as the next or different from the next,,if your not going to the doctor,you go to the chemist or grocery shopping or Bunnings for DIY or beach or just a drive,,fairly versatile i would say..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    When i was working it was 'Monday's, now all the days of the week blend into each other.-- magic, thank god for Super, - my biggest headache is where to travel next. :) :) :)

    terryfossil 1

    My biggest headache is my super,,how to make it stretch further than a rubber band without breaking,,but hey Kent,the sun is shining.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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