Any thought on the US nuclear treaty with Iran?

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    Suppose it means the US can keep a closer look into Irans nuclear program and earn money at the same time through the many business deals, but it won't please the US allies like Israel,Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

    Keeping these middle eastern countries happy is now on the agenda, and that aint gonna be as easy as Iran methinks.

    They (America & our politicians ) seem to be celebrating,  personally I wouldn't trust the Iranians as far as I could throw them.


    I'm not celebrating.
    I will have to sleep on this one Miss Bob,

    Placating is a glorious thing. 

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    Commerce has it's own wishy-washy language.

    The ideology of ISIS does not express an acceptance or tolerance for a world inhabited by unaffiliated peoples. The religion requires a global purge of non-muslim people. I hear the sound of rattle snakes in the presence of rattle-snakes. Likewise I don't ignore threats or stories of intolerant religions. I look at what happens with them intently. Since the origin of the Muslim religion, it has seemed as though the whole lot simply stopped developing the rich line of great incite into science, math, chemistry and sociology that uplifted the world with their love and zeal for life. Instead of continuing to strive forward they seamed to go completely backwards in opposition to the rest of the this day. Something Dangerously wrong-headed happened in their culture and I think it was the birth of an agnostic clerical leader who turned everything around against their own people and the world of different people also...aka everyone.            

    Hi Bob! Great question! People should get on the internet and look at the doomsday clock. Three of our greatest dangers are nuclear weapons and sites, climate change, and ISIS, who want to take over America and the world if they can. Any agreement that allows people to come together and even talk about these three topics is a step in the right direction. we all need to run out our doors and start talking to people neighbors family friends, about what we can do to solve these situations.  the details are great so politicians can argue back and forth about what's lacking in discussions about nuclear devices, but we the people, should encourage our politicians to keep conversation open and moving in the right direction so one day everybody gets the point, which is working to eliminate nuclear activity.  A lot of people prefer war. However, many sane people have come to realize we have to keep communications between people and countries open and continuous to limit evil and crazy actions in this world. Diplomacy.

    Kind of like expecting a teenager to monitor themselves and the parent never checking up on them.


    Well put

    With respect, I wouldn't put it that way. The Iranians follow the Prophet Mohammed who fought many battles and had little trust for anyone.
    The official religion is Shia Islam ... what has America got to do with that? The country of Iran and people who reside, are not teenagers. The history of mankind lies within the relics, museums and stories passed down from generation to generation in that part of the world. Iran has been a country far longer than the United States of America. As far as Iran is concerned it is America who is the teenager.

    I don't think age is a factor in witchway's's along the lines of the wolf guarding the henhouse

    And, why do you think that the United States of America gets to be the wolf? ... That is where Iran (Persia), and many other countries are coming from.

    I am not arguing with you, I am just looking at the other side of the coin. Every big power rises and falls. No one knows that better than those across the great big pond.

    I will also add this. When you do meet people from countries that are thousands of years old instead of hundreds of years old, those people have a different attitude. And, in many cases they can be very stuck in their belief systems because their belief systems are imprinted in them.
    This is not like watching something on TV. Being raised on Fred Flinstone or knowing what a Freezy is.... these people have generations upon generations of life and experiences handed down to them. The United States of America look like a bunch of arrogant babies screaming and yelling in their faces. .... That is fact. In their defence, we are completely irritating. Let's face it they have Israel to focus upon as their thorn in their paw. Seriously, what the heck are you, (America), doing over there anyway? Oil. Money. ... Back the heck off Jack. They are ticked off and have been for a very long time. One woman sitting in a town house is not going to change the attitude of an entire history rich nation. Sorry, not going to happen.

    Especially if you are a woman and especially if you are an American. You have the double whammy Bobette... It is horrible and it is true. ... This is why the women that I have met from Persia don't say they are from Iran. History is a curious adventure.

    One thing it will do is bring the price of oil down,but i doubt it will lower the price at the bowser..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..


    They want to sell their oil, we don't want them to bomb the planet. It's a weird win-win.

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