A new face on US Ten-Spot?

    Rumor has it the US Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Loo (?) has proposed Alexander Hamilton be replaced on the $10 bill with an historically prominent "American" woman.

    I'm fine with Alex, and feel we've better things to do with and to our money. But my question is who you'd like to see on the US $10?   And "Why?"

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    Popular choice?

    It's a given..........................



    A WOMAN, puh-leeze

    He's black AND Muslim. No way! Not for awhile, anyway. ;-)

    @Digger, you mean there might not be people in the USA who would use the money if Cassius was on the front?

    Cassius, maybe. Moe Ali, nfw.

    Leave Alex, he's been there a while. Just create a second bill like they did with Susan B Anthony. Well, she's a coin. Mix them up, people can collect or pay with an Alex or Madame X......we've defaced the quarters so many times one has to go by feel to know what one carries. Change the twenty all you want and add variety.....


    You're a wild one, aren't you. :-)
    Too much variety might make it easier for counterfeiters

    I collected the state quarters. Now, I'm collecting the U.S. Territories quarters and anything else they have.

    Oh, mix it up a little.  It's fun.  We do it all the time! :D  As long as the money works and let's face it, carrying cash these days seems to be a bit out there.


    The Canadian currency is beautiful. I live near Windsor, Ont, and so I've been to Canada hundreds of times to go to Windsor, or London,Toronto , or Pt. Pelee,and other little towns .

    Pt. Pelee is beautiful. Lucky you. Our new money is a bit odd but still very colourful.

    Any of the Kardashians. Oh, wait...Paris Hilton. So many choices.!

    ....Deborah Sampson

    I don't think they should kick off Alex, once he's been established. If they want a woman on a bill so bad, they should bring back the   $ 2  bill or / and the  $ 3  bill


    I don't think a $3 was ever in print, but I agree that AH should stay. Who would you put on a new bill. PLEASE don't say Hillary Clinton!

    I think they should put Dr.Maria Montessori, M.D., on a bill, but she's not an American. She was from Italy . Oh well.

    That's a good answer, J, but you're also right with "but".

    I would pick Rosa Parks. That woman made a difference.

    Clint Eastwood. He is good at what he does, and accomplished alot in his life.

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