FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015

    OKAY, I'm a big soccer (aka football outside North America) nut. I follow the major European leagues as well as MLS and NASL. Then you have the major tournaments:Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, the Euro,  and many more. 

    But all of the above are men playing against men. As with most sports, women play second fiddle...and a distant fiddle at that. 

    The World Cup of soccer is happening now...In Canada.  We know that trees that fall in forests make no noise but do world class female soccer players playing in Canada make any noise? 

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    Digger, That's the most we've ever heard you talk !

    Now that you have "Come Clean" about your (True) identity, I can better understand your position on promoting women in their endeavors. :0)

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    I actually watched Cameroon beat Switzerland last night, good game, I have two nieces who are heavily involved in womens football, it has come a long way in a few years, most of these women are better than your average league men footballers, I'm surprised any North American country was awarded this tournament (not really, it is FIFA we're talking about) the crowds have been very disappointing for most of the games, I will still watch some more of it as long as it isn't England that are playing, as usual Scotland didn't qualify.

    BTW, haven't you played any womens football yourself?

    Unfortunately very little.  I grew up in a soccer playing family where all of my step brothers were permitted to play and my sister and I were only permitted to practice.  My father was a soccer coach. 

    It was also true for hockey.

    I don't care for synchronized swimming. The weird make-up and hair just isn't my thing. (We were allowed to compete in that sport)... Yuck.

    It is very sad that men are far more noticeable in sports than women.  I imagine we have a long way to go.

     Image result for cow fish images

    Here is a cow fish.  Only it knows if it is male or female!

    Who watches the women golfers? They don't have the following either and there are many great female golfers. We poor things are destined to remain the lowly humans of the planet. Isn't that sad? We really are quite wonderful. You're so right digger. We all need to make more noise!



    I was just going to ask a question about the FIFA too......!  What does that acronym mean? Since it's the Womens' world cup soccer league or finals, shoujldn't it be called the W S  L F ?   or W W C L S F ?


    FIFA.....The Fédération Internationale de Football Association is the international governing body of association football, futsal and beach soccer.

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