43 years in solitary confinement. Cruel and unusual or what?

    Albert Woodfox has been released from solitary confinement after 43 years and at age 68. How can a civilised country pass such a sentence?

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    What was his crime ? What country is it in ?

    Check out Angola Three as Romos suggests. He was incarcerated in Louisiana Penitentiary which is in the USA. Surprised?

    Here you go mcm...(YOUR country)

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    Seems like a whole countries justice system can bear a grudge, nothing was totally proved against the Angola Three, I suppose if you always deny your guilt they can do what they want to you, glad to hear this judge has finally seen some sense, bet it's not the last we hear of it though.


    Pretend TU.

    Can anyone imagine what it must be like to spend 43 years, completely alone? How does a person remain sane? I would be concerned that he would be dangerous, just based on what his brain has gone through all of those years. And....he may have been wrongly convicted too?!


    Think Nelson Mandela. He remained sane and forgave.

    Amazing wasn't it?

    Louisiana. Black panthers. Dead prison guard. 1971.

    You tell me.   and I'm not saying anything more.


    Sometimes it seems the justice system trully SUCKS!  SC seems VERY harsh!  Don't know the story but lots of criminals have an easy life which USA taxpayers pay for!  It dims the  mistakes justice  makes! 


    Our system of justice occasionally seems to work well. We get an occasional jolt that something stranger than fiction is going on. Seems like a lot of folks go to prison but I don't know anyone who got out. X-prisoners should have to wear some some sort of badge of disgrace like the Vietnam combat pen worn by the time it was the badge of stupidity in the USA...later it was accorded a state of honor and respect. So too, why bother with prison when all your "sins" are publicly known and flashed-up ahead of you like your own public bill-board...I know that is how things are...somewhere.     


    This seems a bit harsh to me but, then again, hurting society is not something I think about.

    ... You do bring up interesting subjects dear Man.

    For killing somebody, he should have gotten death sentence


    Many have said there is absolutely no evidence that he did.

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