I'm not sure if I can ask this here but-- When people transgender do they keep their original organs? You know the ones I mean?

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    Complete gender transformation means the organs are surgically changed. It's called, sex reassignment surgery. You can google that. 

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    Excellent question. And I believe they do.  Most (men to women) don't want to lose their identity.  It takes A LOT of money and time and hormones and counseling to become a full fledged woman.....


    Transgenders are trying to bring their identity to life. They are willing to lose the identity that is foreign to them. They are willing, if they can afford the surgery to have their organs altered to fit the gender they believe they were meant to be.

    That's why that " man " had a baby a while back, b/c he was a transgendered man who kept his original female reproductive organs and genitalia. Then, he and his partner had another baby.

    His decision was to produce life before he lost the ability to produce life. Each situation is unique. As per my answer to the question, complete transgender transformation is to lose the organ/s they are born with. I answered as if they were the ones Clu was asking about. Some transgenders simply cannot afford the surgery even though they want to complete the transformation. Some as I told you on your answer, do not want to lose feeling when the organs are removed or altered. Be happy you do not have to live their struggles and h3ll.

    Until recently my daughter was working in a clinic which is the UK's main centre for gender reassignment. The clinic is a private institution but the work is funded by the NHS! Priorities anyone?

    According to an NPR report, there are about 700,000 people in the U.S. that have transgendered, and only 22% of them had the genital rearrangement surgery. The man I  worked with who dressed and acted like a woman said, " I've had  surgery up here ( pointing to his breasts,) but nobody is going to touch me down there ! "


    Those who choose not to remove that part do so because they know once it's removed, feelings of gratification are removed too. It has nothing to do with trying to hang on to some part of the gender they were not comfortable with and everything to do with not wanting to lose sexual feelings.

    Sounds like Colleen has done a lot of reading or is familiar with Transgender folk. There seems to be many more males crossing over to female territory. Wonder why...

    I support anyone's rights to live the life that makes them happy. I've been in many debates about transgenders, homosexuals, bi-sexuals, lesbians and anyone else who wants to live freely, express who they are and are not a danger to anyone. Yes, I research all subjects that I enter into debates about. It's better than going into a debate and making an ignorant, uninformed comment. MCM should have asked her "friend" why she did not want to lose that part, then she could have shared the rest of the story about another persons's life.

    With regards to all of the ancient questions brought up in the past couple of years.  This question is important.  

    Honestly, what would it be like living with body parts that just don't represent who you are?  

    I personally can't imagine having body parts cut away and having to take pills for the rest of my life so that I could be me.

    This is a great question. So many avenues of conversation can open up. 

    This question makes me thankful. 

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