A question for women ( I hope ) Do you still wear panty hose ......under your pants or when you get dressed up ? p in a skirt or dress ?

    are panty hose out or in ? Are they too 70 ish ?  The fashion experts say we should wear bare legs. But, not every woman's legs look good.......due to spider veins or varicose veins, or whatever .

     Personally, I prefer the thigh high stockings. But, they have to have a wide, tight band at the top , or they roll down. Consequently , the tight band can feel uncomfortable. My mother said we have to suffer to be beautiful.

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    It's interesting to note how leggings and colorful "tights" have replaced flesh-toned pantyhose. "Progress", "fashion", is almost the same thing.

    Yes, I'd rather have them , then no stockings at all. And they are kinda fun.

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    If I wear a dress, I often wear pantyhose, as I agree not every bare leg is attractive. Sometimes my feet need the thin covering of the nylon because of the boots or shoes

     If I were wearing slacks to work, pantyhose might be under them, to avoid a "panty line".


    That's right. Your feet feel better in your shoes with stockings on. And panty hose stop the " jiggles " , if you've got any.......under your skinny pants.

    Unfortunately, it's too hot here too much of the time for pantyhose, probably why Hollywood goes without.

    mycatsmom, it's amazing how easily we get brainwashed and pulled from trend to trend. it's fascinating.  what did it to me is when criss cross wore their pants backward and drooping. now many hip hoppers like drooping pants.  i been wondering for years why all the ladies cut off their eye brows and draw a less attractive one on their face. women are now wearing long hair no matter what their age. beautiful too me. stockings/hose, same thing. i think sheer stockings when dressed up looks better than bare legs.  summertime casual looks ok with bare legs. i love stockings and i wear stockings. i say people should find their style and go from there, no matter if you are young or younger.


    helpful answer, Tabber. They all are. Thank you for your input.

    My mom was told that pantyhose were "out", that no one wears them anymore. Knowing this, I still wore hose to my dad's memorial and was the only one who did at this large gathering. Personally, I like the freedom of going w/o plus I can hardly find them anymore........


    and it depends on the weather. If it's chilly and you have to wear a skirt or dress, stockings provide some warm over bare legs. Most women still dress up for a wedding.

    So wearing pantyhose is dressing up in your book? If you follow fashion at all, they are a no no. But do as you will.....

    Scroll up. I said in my post that if I must get dressed up, I prefer thigh high nylon stockings.And it gets too cold here in Mich to be running around at night with bare legs when going to a wedding reception or something.

    Interesting question MCM. Pantyhose do seem to be a thing from the past because I seldom see women wearing them during this past decade. I suppose I'm considered old fashioned because I like wearing pantyhose, but I think I have a leg up on most  women because I refuse to wear panties with hose.


    Same here, CB....waste of time and makes extra laundry!

    I used to love wearing leotards MCM! They used to come in all colors and in plaid remember? I would even wear them under trousers in winter for the added warmth although I must admit they made the pants fit a little tighter than usual ... lol !

    In fashion nothing is out as far as you are comfortable. If girls are comfortable bare legs it is really ok to walk that way. Like it is ok to wear brazilian bikini on beach if you comfortable.

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