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    Oh Boy! They sure are doing it tough in the lone star state at the moment.Flooding,tornados.35 lives lost so far.I hope none of us are affected. Stay safe guys.

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    There wasn't quite that many deaths but the number is high. While searching for an entire family, others were unexpectedly found. I live about a city block from the infamous Shoal Creek and it was high and foamy, rapids as it were. Scary though I myself was in no danger.  The homeless are asking for dry blankets!


    Stay safe.Take care Julie.

    I'll try, Tommy but I stupidly love adventure. Speaking of which, Bob (Phyllis) and I are going to New York this summer! Thank you by the way.....jhh

    We look forward to meeting Clonge!

    it's about 1 AM there, and they'll update you , I'm sure. Julie says they've had a lot of flooding and some tornado watches. I think zorro is in West Texas, where it's not as big a problem. 


    Tornado here Thursday and 4- 8 inches rain in Lubbock. Several roads flooded . People, don't drive into water . You don't know how deep it is. Some farmers have planted cotton, but most have not. They have until june 5. Huge sink hole at dallas fort worth airport stopped air traffic for a while. We have not had 90 degree day yet. More rain in forecast and temperatures far below normal. We have had over 17 inches rain so far this year, most in past two months. We didn't have that last year. The 7 year drought is officially over for texas !!

    For some reason, I pictured you in El Paso...

    Z-I planted two cottonseeds among my potted plants. They are doing well....

    You know what a cotton plant is ? It will grow into a tree. It is a woody plant. The only thing that usually kills it is a freeze or no water. I live in Lamesa. Got another inch rain last night with 60 mph + winds.

    Lamesa...I read about it. You have a drive in theatre and a museum. My hometown has neither.

    We have a nonprofit indoor theatre also. Its is nice and only costs usually 3-4 dollars to see a new movie. Only possible by continued support from community.

    That's saying a lot about the people who live in a small town, keeping the theatre going and museum...the photos show a clean place where part of Dallas was filmed, too! $3-4 is exactly what a movie should cost, and the popcorn, soda, and candy should be reasonable, too.

    A lifelong resident that made a lot of money farming, passed away and left a few million to the city for improvements.

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