15 countries you should be afraid to visit. Have you every been to any of them, and if so, did you feel safe?


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    Years ago, I was in San Felipe for a week. My hair fixer person drives to Mexico regularly for a weekend. ..a long drive!

    Syria and Lebanon are two countries I'd like to be able to visir, along with Armenia and Turkey. They all have a lot of history for "my people ".

    Are you kidding?  I've been to Mexico ONCE and for just a couple of hours.... I'd be nervous going anywhere but I'd go if given the chance. I'm willing to take the chance......

    I went to El Salvador in  '77 .......just as trouble was starting up brewing there. In the capital city, San Salvador , there were men with  carbine belts on standing on the street  corners holding rifles. If the police or National Guard would do that here in America, we wouldn't have so much trouble in certain cities.

    I have been to a few countries,but none of those 15,and i do not see why anybody would want to go to any of them,,the important thing is to keep them out of peaceful countries..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I've been to Belize once and  Ciudad Acuna Mexico about 6 times. I felt safe in Belize but Acuna Mexico has always made me a bit nervous.

    When my friend, Elaine, retired, she went to all those countries with a travel group called Nomads...( which is no longer in business )  Her husb worried about her, but she didn't seem to come across any trouble.

    You did not mention your own country which can be a dangerous place to visit - if you don't have your wits about you any country can be dangerous.  :)


    I don't think Clonge wrote the article he's referenced in his question!

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