Do you know your heritage

    ""One of the Gubbi Gubbi people sunshine coast 1910..original owners of meanjin ( Brisbane )

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    I like your hat Terry.
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    Hi Sunny,,An Aboriginal map of Australia looks nothing like the one we have now,,regarding borders..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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    I'm Scot-Irish (from either parent) and am Wyatt Earps fifth cousin n.a.........

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    The Earps were good card players i believe..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Maternal granny was German. Grandpa was from France.

    My paternal grandparents were from Armenia and entered the US through Canada prior to 1914.

    my paternal grandmother, from Germany  came to the U.S. by herself around in 1900 when she was about 19--23 yrs old- - - not knowing the language and not having a job lined up . I wish I had her guts.My Paternal grandfather's ancestors came to the U.S. from England in 1635 and contributed a bushel of Indian corn toward the construction of Harvard. Some of them fought in the Revolutionary War.

     My maternal  great - grandparents came to the U.S. from Holland, all 4 of them . All on the same boat. They weren't married then.Each  family  had about 12 kids. Several of the kids and the parents were lost in the ship wreck on the great lakes. The boat, the great lakes  steamer, the Phoenix, was taking them  thru the great lakes to their new home in Wisconsin.Five miles offshore in Lake Michigan, near Wisconsin,at night  , in November,  the boat caught fire and burned. The story goes that b/c the captain broke his leg and got an infection from it and so was  laid up in his cabin. So , the crew got drunk and let the boiler go dry and that's what caused the fire. My mother's grandmother was 19 at the time and the eldest sibling. They put her and her 13 yr. old sister in a life boat and thru her 2 yr. old sister down to her and she caught her. They put a man in the life boat to row. He bailed out the life boat with his wooden shoe. Then ,he rowed it with a broom 5 miles to shore, b/c there were no oars. One year later, that man( 30)  and the 19 yr. old ( my great grandmother ) got married and he built her a house. They raised her 13 yr old sister and her 2 years old sister and they went on to have 10---12 kids themselves. They both lost most of their siblings and their parents in the ship wreck  :'-(

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