Life sentence

    When should juvenile offenders receive life sentences ..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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    This is interesting.


    I saw that on the net yesterday .

    I think there are a lot of things an under 20 year old would do without considerable sensible thought,that an over 30 year old would not do..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    If that is what our culture be it. The culture we live in invests in life and death. Its part of the whole and I cannot find fault with it without digging into the subject to its source and inspiration...I will not do that. It isn't mine to deal with. There are qualified, experienced beings who deal with this sort of problem every day. Their job, not mine. Thank God.  

    P.S. Life is our experience. Denying life to someone is just like opening a bomb that explodes all over you. Their hopes, dreams, loves, quests, light and ambitions rain down on you like burning embers and intense illness we understand as guilt....not something to wear proudly.       


    Hey , Robert, I saw you on FB ..Wish I could see the other aka ers, but don't know their first and last names.

    When they commit serious crimes and are deemed to understand the consequences of their actions. although determining the ages for such punishment when these actions took place can be very troublesome.   



    Geez, I don’t know. There is such a thing as maturity and growth thus change but murder? Sick murder at that. And they went in knowing the consequences.  I don’t know……...


    Maybe they should be given 1/2 a life sentence. Then, we they get out, their murderous, impulsive, impetuous tendencies might have matured into nothing -ness. Or maybe they should just be castrated. Then, there wouldn't be so much testosterone floating around in the body - - -predisposing them toward violence and aggression.

    If the juvenile/s commit what is consided an Adult crime they should be treated as such, i get sick and tired of juvenile offenders being treated with kid gloves, we should look  at how Singapore with their punishments, caning for Graffiti after all it is vandalism, yes Terry they should receive life sentences for crimes of murder, sexual assault, and malicious damage to someone else's property, this might sound harsh, if you don't solve the problem when they are young what are going to be like as Adults.

    killing somebody.

    terryfossil 1

    To simple an answer Tabber,,>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    When smashing monuments, save the pedestals. They always come in handy :)


    Stanislaw Jerzy Lec!
    Why though?

    How many pedestals do you have, Tomas?

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