what is mental health

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    Please go for a check on your own mental health valdas, you keep repeating this question, sounds serious to me.


    Because I can't see the answer you're sending me

    Click on your profile, then click on your questions, you'll see the answers, BTW, you got a notice for my answer, you should have notices for the rest.

    Asked and answered.  But there is so much to say about mental health.  ALL the answers you got were right on so you should have an idea.  Mental health is of great concern in today's world.  Good luck on your journey......

    There are so many facets of mental health, where can one begin.  I think being socially intellectually morally, and ethically functional is an indication of mental health. 

    there is good and bad mental health. good mental health is when you seek and act the best for yourself, your family, and your society. bad mental health is when you feel lost or helpless and may forget to treat yourself good. bad mental health forgets that bad actions affect your mom, family and your society. lots of people have good mental, many have bad mental. those with good mental health should talk to and encourage their friends and family members with bad mental health to seek help thur church, counselors, congressmen in their district.  people do not have to suffer with bad mental health alone in this good society.

    I have a problem with this mental health. i am pretty sure i know what it is,, but no idea how you go and talk to somebody about it without getting into even more trouble.. its like if you are angry with somebody, and you go talk to somebody about it.. they will just say well you gotta get rid of your anger.. for crying out loud i know that.. but you do not just pick it up and toss it into the really it just comes down to ( suck it up sook and get on with life).and it never goes away.. that is the best answer i can come up with..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    If you have issues with mental health, the right counsellor can help you through it and will not get you into further trouble. Keep looking until you find that "right counsellor" Terry.

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