The Big Lie     Watch the video and song,,,i kinda like it ,it may not be everyone's cup of tea..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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    I don't think I'm gunna worry about it T.

    It would take a biblical flood for the ocean to reach my house anyway.

    I watched Al Gore's movie a few years ago.How very dramatic.

    Whatever will be,will be.Que sera.

    terryfossil 1

    You might be high and dry Tom,but if that Goose Al Gore is halfway right,you are welcome to join me in a beach house on a peak in the Blue mountains,,PS,,Gore is full of the proverbial, i think you know what i mean..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Global warming? One can’t tell outside my door right now but we’l be back in shorts in about 5 days…...


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    [IMG][/IMG] second answer,but the more honest one JH..Always nice talking..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Global warming will likely continue as long as there is something left to burn. Our only option is to reside underground or leave the planet. Of course, when both of these options are preferable to being condemned to die in the toxic atmosphere above ground we will likely be looking for some other world to make uninhabitable outside of our controlled spaces designed exclusively for our life form.    


    Haven't you heard? Since global warming is not a reality, they changed the wording to global climate change. It's their way of accounting for a natural event that has happened many times on this planet. Climate change has been occurring for centuries. College edumacated pencil pushers have simply found a way to turn it into a money maker. Cha-ching!
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    Aaaaaaahhhhhhh,,is that a yes or a no Robert

    That is an extremest view of an on-going climate shift. Nasa's image of upper atmospheric CO2 shows a greater concentration over the USA up to 35,000 feet in altitude. Does it have anything to do with weather? I'm doubtful. However the "Greenhouse effect" in greenhouses is very nice on a sunny winter day.
    We all know snow reflects a lot of heat back into the upper atmosphere. That combined with the high altitude CO2 may boost the temperature of the air in higher altitudes which would increase the humidity in higher altitudes and reduce the temperature at ground level...thus accounting for our present weather anomolies. That's my guess on the subject for which I have only this sketchy view.

    Like I said, Cha-ching! Say anything that the common person does not understand clearly but make sure it sounds scary enough that they will be willing to pay to make it stop. It's amazing how many times the whole climate change concept has changed and people just keep swallowing the extended versions.
    terryfossil 1

    Robert i still do not know if you are saying yes or no, but i think you might be saying no to global warming,,let me give you a way of saying something simple,, man causing the climate to change?? i say no,,2 the 3 main so called greenhouse gases are caused by ,Volcanoes.Fire.Ocean,,none of which man has any control over,they are all natural earthly events,,,and even if we tried to stop or change them,,we would be interfereing in a natural event that is meant to happen so causing worse problems,,Mate i am not the smartest cookie in the jar,but here is another point,,i believe in God the Creator,,Who the heck do we think we are that we think we can destroy a God made Creation,or that he would allow us to,,Robert,always nice talking to you...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<
    terryfossil 1

    @ Colleen,not much to say to you, except i am on your side, your on the money,,,,Cha-ching..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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