2 Cyclones hitting Northrn Australia

    For the first time in history 2 cyclones are bearing down on Australia at the same time.

    One is catorgory5 hitting Quensland near Rockhampton on the Tropic of Capricorn.The other is Crossing the gulf near Darwin which is a cat.4.

    A king tide coupled with a 3 metre strom surge is crossing the coast simultaniously.

    Stay tuned for updates.

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    I'm still alive in Bonny Scotland, seen the friggin lot mate, bad weather heading our way come the weekend, soon be spring, woop de friggin dooooo!!

    Stay safe Tom.


    Onya Roy.Keep warm.

    Oh Tommyh this is a nail biting situation.  Experiencing something first in history (in your region...LOL) is amazing and must be freakishly exciting at the same time. I will be thinking of you.  Stay safe my friend.


    We're OK CB.It would take a fllod of biblical proportions to get to us.We're on top of a small mountain.When the winds hit later tonight is our main concern.Hopefully the system will be downgraded by then.Ay the moment central Qld is experiencing winds to 295 KPH.
    country bumpkin

    We're watching the news and have seen some of the damage. One house was missing its roof.

    Believe it or not we dodged the bullet this time.Damage was minor compared to what we expected.Yeppoon up on the Capricorn coast copped the full brunt of a cat 5 cyclone. We prepare for cyclones these days.Batten down the hatches,so to speak.

    Oh Tommy, that sounds very scary to me. Cyclones are one weather condition which we do not experience. I hope you and your family will be okay. Thoughts and prayers....


    Very intense weather at the moment.Not too scared tho.I've survived about 20 cyclones so far.It's just another weather event.:)

    I guess we just accept the weather events that we've grown up with. Our "event" right now is unusually cold temperatures, minus 30's (C) on a regular basis lately....just means more layers of clothing. I still go for a walk outside everyday. :)

    You are making history, something your grandkids can tell their children about. Take care sweet guy. Know you are in my (our) thoughts....


    Thanks Julie.We now have 2 cyclones plus a severe coastal low to contend with.The rainfall is outstanding.

    My thoughts are with you Tom and your family, watching 'Sunrise ', this morning (sat), the aftermath of Cyclone Marcia, Yeppoon certainly took a bashing, as i said before pity S.A. cannot get some of that rain, flooding in Qld. and drought in the South, of course this has nothing to do with 'climate change' when it snows in Israel, all the best mate.

    Tommy, our thoughts and prayers are with you all down below.  One year no rain, now flooded with it?  You folks sure get the gambit of extreme weather!  Take care and be safe. 


    How are your folks in Rocky Ray?

    Stay safe

    Watch out for crocs and snakes!


    I killed a king brown this morning.
    country bumpkin

    I looked it up Tommyh.
    Pseudechis australis, the common king brown, mulga snake or Pilbara cobra, is a species of venomous snake found in Australia. It is one of the longest venomous snakes in the world and is the second longest in Australia.
    From Wikipedia.

    I would never want to come across one of these snakes, rattlesnakes are bad enough. Where was the snake Tommyh?

    On the road.Obviously evacuating from the flooding.I ran over it with my truck accidentally.We don't see that many of them this far South so it was quite a surprise.

    Looks like Marcia will be heading out and calming down . Send it to TEXAS !!



    It's all over now. Jeeez! Didn't it rain yesterday.Some places along the coast got 500mm. (20 inches).

    Wow. We flood at 4 inches........

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