Ferrets. Ferrets? I used to own a ferret, very cool pet. What do you believe about this?


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    It is possible to be bitten! A friend of mine went into the "ferret business" after owning one for a year. She said it was an adorable pet. By the time she owned six of them, she began to sell them and guess what? One, sold to a family with a 4-year old child, bit the child, breaking the skin. She (my friend) thought there was more to the story. ("Ferrets don't bite".) That is, until one of her remaining five ferrets bit HER, breaking the skin on her wrist AND she said, it wouldn't let go!

    She concluded that wild animals can be very vicious and it was the wrong business for her. Later, another one of her "adorable pets", struck again. So, three out of the six, were biters!

    Ferrets are basically wild animals and should be treated as such in a domestic situation, saying that, they make great pets if treated properly, the parents in this case were classed as "challenged" and struggled to look after their kids let alone the bloody ferrets, tragic case.

    Sad story! Parents should always monitor children and pets!


    I’m not buying it. My ferret never bit anything that wasn’t cat food. I just can’t see them going after a baby……...

    The baby might of spit up and the ferrets thought it was food

    My brother had two ferrets. They were cute and fun until they got to breeding age. Then they turned into biters. He got rid of them after they became biters. 

    Keep any eye on them. They can be dangerous! 

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