WHAT are you GIVING for the holiday?

    Is it something special and well thought out? Anything symbolic?  Share with us!

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    My love and friendship,and you can have half of my bacon sandwidge if you like its all ive got,


    I LOVE bacon!!!

    I want a B,L, T sandwich.

    @ M-Cat; My very British cousin insists that the L and the T should always be left out of a bacon buttie (sandwich.). He thinks it is very wrong to mess with perfection.

    Yep fishy, nice crispy bacon only for me too, plenty of it.

    I only eat it that way if I'm just too darn lazy......

    Way back when I did eat those sorts of things... as a child, I added HP sauce. ...mmmmmmmm... Lots of butter on squishy white bread. And, a side of my Mom's chips.
    My Mom cooks two things very well, chips and roasties.

    Oh, the memories.

    I loved those too as a child. ... You are torturing me KOTF!
    ... You do know that gluten free bread should not be called bread at all. It is horrible.

    Butter running down the chin.............

    Ha Ha! Memories :)

    Maggie's getting a nice new digital camera so expect some photos in the new year.

    The Grand daughters are getting a set of swings & monkey bars at Grandad's place plus about a thousand other things.(Mostly "Frozen" toys.)

    I'm getting Zip,zich,zero which is exactly what I wanted but I am buying a new car in the new year so that will be my Christmas prezzie.

    Have a happy Christmas Julie.All the best.Tom.


    Oh thank you, Tommy. You are so sweet to wish that for me.....n. I hope you get a surprise!

    Gave to local food bank.


    What an idea and a grand one at that! Thank you......



    Let me guess:i it cures chapped lips by keeping a person from licking them.....

    A $100 bucks spread among 3 grand kids,, and it stops there,,,,,,,Merry Christmas to everyone on AKA""


    Super! So they each get something!

    I am with Ben.  I like giving behind the scenes.  There is a lot of children out this way that could use a bit of a leg up.  It fills my heart to help and my family is behind me 100%, which makes the giving that much better.

    I didn't buy my husband a new car as he drives my perfectly good truck!

    Merry Christmas Julie!


    Thank you, dear friend. May yours be as filled as the hearts you warm…...

    Cash or booze. It's always appreciated and works well for me. as I cannot stomach the chaotic shopping season.


    Try shopping online, just about everybody is offering free shipping!

    Excellent suggestion. I now have a whole year to work on my shopping list. Thanks a lot !

    Our nieces and nephews are all grown up or teenagers now, so we give gift cards to them, and then money with a few small presents to our two so sons. 





    Do you want my mailing address?

    I'm giving gift cards. It's fast and easy ; and you don't have to wrap and mail them in a box. You just put them in an envelope and mail them.......except for the friends  or / and family that live around  you. You go to see them to give it to them. And they all like them.


    I have not recevied mine yet,m/c/m,

    Seems the way to go without hurting feelings!

    I have a wallet full of gift cards. I forget to use them.
    Don't send me one M-Cat... I don't even like shopping!

    Don't forget to use them ,b/c it causes a lot of wasted money on the part of the giver. If you don't want them, give them to me !

    I know... I just forget to use them. I also forget to use coupons. ... I don't think you have an 'Orange Spa' out your way M-Cat, but if you did you could definitely have my gift card. It has been haunting me for years. :)

    Oh, do the spa. It's like getting you nails done. You walk out feeling special AND wondering why you haven't been kinder to yourself until now...

    I have pottery hands, art hands. I play with mud all day. Having a manicure is creepy.

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