how much do i tip for a bell boy, room service and taxi's in New York?

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    Everything you need to know about tipping in NYC Kent.


    Thanks, Roy, i printed it off and i'll take it with me. As you may be aware we do not tip on Oz, unless the service is exceptional.

    Same here mate. That's why the service is mostly crap and the taxi drivers never smile.

    Remember, bulletman, that is only a guideline.  You are under no obligation to tip anyone a set amount.  If the service is poor, let it reflect in the gratuity.  

    When I visited NYC many years ago, we took a guided bus tour and the guide "mooched" for tips towards the end, suggesting amounts appropriate for how well you enjoyed the tour.  $10 for "good", $15 for "very good", $20 for "outstanding".  Having spent about $40 for the tour itself, I felt very put upon having someone suggest I pay an additional 25% because she had done her job acceptably. 

    I think your custom (and ROMOS's) of not tipping unless the service has been exceptional, is a VERY good idea.  Many people in the service industry provide excellent service, and I am happy to give them a "tip".  I do NOT like to feel I MUST give a tip, no matter what, just because it is customary. 

    TIPS may be an acronym for "To Insure Proper Service", in which case, it should obviously be paid up front.  THAT is NOT going to happen as far as I'm concerned. 


    I heard it means......." To insure prompt service "
    Don't shoot the messenger.

    This website: lists 66 meanings for "TIPS". One of them is "To Insure Proper Service". When I provide an answer, I try to back it up with a reference that is a little more than "I heard".
    I'm not really sure what you mean by "Don't shoot the messenger", but I'm taking it as another inflammatory remark designed to irritate me. Fail

    Thanks MsBob, i am afraid i will not tip at all unless the service what ever it might be is worthy of it, i can see i will not be well liked by various people, properly no service. :)

    You might want to reconsider if you will be encountering some of those service providers regularly, and I'm sure you get my drift.....

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