Here's a good one! Buyer beware!

    We bought a refrigerator from Sears and the warranty that they promote ... the three year warranty.  Two weeks before the warranty is up a representative from Sears phoned me to sell me an extended warranty, (the original warranty has not expired yet).  We then phone Sears maintenance and repair as the hinge on the left hand side door came away and now does not exist.  A repair man came out, ordered a new door, knocked on the door ten minutes later to inform us that Sears no longer replaces refrigerator doors.... We will have our refrigerator replaced.  Sears will call us within two days.

    Four days later, we are offered $300.00 for the refrigerator, no repair and no replacement.  ... Basically the price we paid for the warranty. 

    ........... I don't even want to tell you about my washing machine.  ..... That story is tragic.

    Moral to this story, Don't buy from Sears.

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    What a shame, my family had a business with Sears and it was big in my family.  But I learned early not to buy from Sears……..


    I wish I had. I have an extremely expensive washing machine that has only been a dud. The refrigerator thing is over the top ridiculous.

    I think Sears really started going down hill when Kmart bought them.... I don't even go into our Sears store anymore.


    I don't either. Land's End is owned by the same group. .... My shopping has ended there as well.
    We spent a lot of money on appliances at Sears and have only received the run a round.
    Clearly the Leadership Team does not care about the consumer.

    When I worked at a store that sold appliances, we were rewarded for selling extended warranties, because, and I quote, "That is free money for us".

    There is a company from whom a yearly policy can be purchased that will repair and/or replace any appliance, wiring, plumbing for the cost of a service call.  It could be a great investment. 

    I had the same experience with Sears...fridge repair was more than the cost of the thing. I was given a coupon for $300 discount. I threw it away.

    The skills needed to maintain and repair my own appliances has been a great asset for myself and many of my neighbors also. I know industries would prefer that we just throw away all in-opperable  appliances and buy new. Most industries try to make things last...just past the warranty. I like products to last well past the end of everything and everyone else. So I study production processes and materials as well. Also longevity,   etc.


    Le fish needs you to move to Canada, preferably in close proximity to her abode.

    My refrigerator needed repair two weeks before the warranty ran out. They told me today that I have $3.34 left on the warranty and that is why Sears is not honoring what we paid for. Go figure. If I buy life insurance and die two weeks before the insurance runs out... guess what happens next... my family will get about $500.00 which will not pay for cremation... that essentially, is the logic.
    Robert, you could not fix my fridge door. It is a design flaw.

    Very true, items like printers are designed to die after a set time. If you are clued-up you can reset the device, but most of us don't know how so we go out and buy new.

    Do you not have consumer protection legislation in the USA? In Europe this company would not get away with treating customers in this way?


    Sorry Nom. This comment timed out ... Then posted twice. I have edited it.

    I will look into that. I live in Canada and Sears is tanking. The company is going bankrupt. It was a company that people counted on and bought from for many years. Now, it is a company that can not be trusted.
    Sears is a North American company.

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