He's a human being, not a monster! What should be done to him?

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    Obviously the guy still has "a way to go emotionally", he needs locked up for his own and others safe welfare.

    He's an "ex-con with a lengthy rap". Yep, just your average guy, walking along, minding his own business and now people are picking on him. Let's all be compassionate and understanding....poor guy.

    <<puke>>         Can I say/do that on here?

    But he is a monster. No two ways about it. What if he had used a gun, would that have made him different? Premeditation and all that makes it a felony. He needs to be held with no bail, he’s a danger to strangers and friends alike……….

    Well, "Darlyn", I think you have some serious emotional disorder, which may or may not respond to treatment.  If I were one of the jurors on the massively expensive trial you are going to have, I would, at this moment, find you guilty of first degree murder and be sorely tempted to invoke the death penalty upon you.  HOWEVER, after hearing "all" the facts, I may find you criminally insane.  You ARE a monster; the question is why. 

    The reason we do what we do is not always clearly defined. A spontaneous response may have nothing to do with the facts because a response can be triggered by conditions and situations as part of a program of behavioral modification implemented by others, intentionally or not through the use of hypnosis and/or drugs that can produce a memory/action confusion or redirection in a given circumstance. Ignoring this fact in human consciousness is the lamb excuse given by those who would have their control of free will over others continued unnoticed and unchallenged. I consider this a crime in the violation of Free Will Choice, given all of us by God.


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