Is ethanol a worthy alternative to fossil fuel,,it has not taken off in Aussie,,and the price difference is minimal ...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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    Ethanol is alcohol and is produced by fermentation of plant products which contain sugar so it is unlike gasoline which is a non-renewable resource- once it's gone it's gone.

    Found this on WIKI:  Ethanol is most commonly used to power automobiles, though it may be used to power other vehicles, such as farm tractors, boats and airplanes. Ethanol (E100) consumption in an engine is approximately 51% higher than for gasoline since the energy per unit volume of ethanol is 34% lower than for gasoline.[26][27] The higher compression ratios in an ethanol-only engine allow for increased power output and better fuel economy than could be obtained with lower compression ratios.[28][29] In general, ethanol-only engines are tuned to give slightly better power and torque output than gasoline-powered engines. In flexible fuel vehicles, the lower compression ratio requires tunings that give the same output when using either gasoline or hydrated ethanol. For maximum use of ethanol's benefits, a much higher compression ratio should be used.[30] Current high compression neat ethanol engine designs are approximately 20 to 30% more fuel efficient than their gasoline-only counterparts.[31]

    As for my feeling on it, when we lived in the tent and it was 19 degrees F. outside, we would burn alcohol for heat.  The higher the %, the more suet it produced. That was my observation anyhow…….

       We use a lot of ethanol in the US…….

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    [IMG][/IMG] Hey JH,,looking at your avatar looks very much like our cat ( Bungee Creams ) She died from a Paralysis Tick at the age of 12,,she was a good friend<<<>>>>>

    It killed two catalytic converters on my 4wd which cost a packet. my mechanic told me that it creates so much work for them and warned me to avoid it, it also evaporates very readily so any savings made at the bowser does the same.  

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    Hey Grit,,i ran a mixture of ethanol and unleaded in my Kia Sportage 4x4,,before i converted to gas,,mileage with ethanol is crap,and the price we pay for ethanol is not much different to unleaded,,i went to gas and i got 3klms a litre less than unleaded,,but then the gas was half the price of petrol,that made it economical,the price for gas today does not make it economical,,

    I thought I heard that it would be cheaper than gasoline. Why can't they just run cars on Hydrogen ? what about the electric cars ?


    Can you afford one of these cars? I can't!

    I use a liquid called petrol in my car,but only 4star,

    Ride a bike. Reject the system. Be individual and be healthy.

    I can say this as I live within walking distance of farm fresh everything.

    If you demand a healthier lifestyle it will show up.

    A strange and true fact.


    What a waste of perfectly edible corn. Capitalism at its worst.


    GMO corn. Don't eat the madness! :)

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