If you have a cat, do you feed him / her cat food where the first ingrediant is real chicken instead of corn meal and chicken by-products ......

    Chicken by-products means the beak and feet , etc of the chicken. Your everyday lower cost cat food, like Friskies is what my cats enjoy the most and will eat the most of. But, I've heard it's like a diet of fast food for them.

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    Cats enjoy lower cost foods because of a product called Digest. It is sprayed on pet food to attract a domestic animal to eat.
    I could go into the subject in depth... Basically, it could be sprayed on cardboard and your cats would eat that.

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    My cats are so thin it’s going to be a b***h come winter. I’d give my eyeteeth if they would eat ANYTHING. Jack used to like scraps (tomatoes, lettuce, P.butter…) but now they just live for TEMPTAIONS at less than 2 calories a piece…..

    My cat gets Healthy Weight cat food from Costco.  The first ingredient is "CHICKEN".  Peanut seems happy with it.  

    My mom never gave Kitty anything other than canned food. 


    Can i come around for lunch,Bob,??

    Hect, lmbo :-D

    Any time, hector, any time

    Remember cats are carnivores ;-) 


    Grit, that's why we're promoting feeding cats-- cat food that has chicken as it's first product, and NOT corn and soy and all that crap. thank you for your good input .
    Grit Savage

    my wee dog had a very high liver count which is the beginning of the end usually, the vet prescribed a bucket load of drugs to sort him out, but we had done a heap of research and asked and emailed people all over the world and it all boiled down to processed dog food, no matter how good the ingredients appear to be with pictures of people in white coats looking serious on the packet. its all processed and bad for our wee fur buddies. so we put him on a raw food diet, beef, pork, fish, kangaroo, lamb etc, and blanched and semi blended vegetables to mimic the full stomach of unfortunate carnivores prey. result, liver back to normal, full of new energy, lovely glossy coat, better breath and healthier teeth and the list goes on. mind you, his farts could melt furniture now. ;-)

    Mycatsmom i feed my Sam, Kangaroo mince and dry cat food for Dinner, apart from hopping around she is quite healthy and strong.:)

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