I know I need surgery for cataracts. I am very afraid. Anybody have it?

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    Got my left eye done 6 weeks ago, no problems, absolutely painless, took less than 10 minutes, some irritation after but the result is absolutely great, go for it Susan, I can't wait to get my other eye done.


    Glad it went alright Ted,when are you going to hav the other eye done,??

    NHS Dougal, before Christmas I hope.

    Hope it goes alright ted.a lady friend of mind might have to have it done soon,

    Hector, just imagine how much more attractive you'll be to your lady friend once she has it done.

    Hmm.must get my hair cut,

    Glad to hear it, ROMOS. I know three others who have had it and they were happy to have had it done.
    Some days my vision is good and other days ... NOT so good. I keep thinking they'll get fixed all by themselves.

    They wont fix themselves S, they will gradually get worse, best to nip it in the bud, as I say, I can't wait to get my other eye done.

    Go for it Susan.I haven't had it done But I know lots of people that have.They all say it's life changing. Good luck with it.I'm sure you will be fine.

    I had always been near sighted and able to read and work on the computer"" without glasses before surgery. After surgery I must have glasses to do either. Wish I had talked with the Dr. about having one eye near sighted and the other far sighted so I wouldn't need glasses at all. Have talked with others that had that done, and it works.... As for the surgery, it went fine.

    I’ve only have heard good stories about cataract surgeries……..


    Yep, me too. : )

    me too. They've made so many advancements lately in the's not like it used to be.

    Susan, got both done a week apart.  The Dr. gave me a script for reading, but since I always wore glasses, he put a slight magnification for distance, if I get tired, I wear them for distance, otherwise just reading.  I already had bifocals, so was used to them.  Do not delay, it does change your life!

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