What is the biggest religion in terms of believers ?

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    Good job, Romeos. But, some of them listed under Christianity are just cults. And as Christians, we're not supposed to give them any credence.
    terryfossil 1

    Well done Roy,

    16% and growing ! PTL .

    21% and growing fast digger; come back in 10 years and see the proportions change.

    Christianity. About 2.1 billion adherents.


    It seems the crusades worked.

    Thanks to all the missionarys. My mother had several ministers and missionaries in her family , b/c she had a truck load of aunts and uncles and cousins. And they were raised in the Dutch Reformed Church in America.

    I wouldn't worry about which religion is the biggest. I would focus on one that speaks to you personally.

    terryfossil 1

    You deserve best answer for that answer Witchway

    I second that emotion.

    Jesus said, '' I am the truth and the way and the life; and no one gets to the father but by me. If you don't believe who I say I am, then believe it b/c of the miracles I've done. "

    I have my own, I think we are all perfect beings Created by God and that it is up to us to get the experience needed to use what we have. This simple idea is my own and I think it's better than anything the theological war chests have to offer.  The biggest religion is God's belief in our ability to figure it-all out.     


    I believe God Created all of us perfectly and has given all of us the opportunity to learn and grow by acquiring personal experience.

    robert, we're not all perfect. Wish we were.......then it would be a perfect world.

    And here is the kicker ladies and gentleman,you can have all the religions you like,but only one of them is the right one,,the reason there are so many is because we have to make a real desision to choose the one that is real..and for those who believe in the big bang and aliens,,keep chewing on the mushrooms guys..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    well said, Terry . Some " religions " aren't religions . There was a movement afoot around here to start a church for atheists. Isn't that sort of contradictory ?

    We don't actually have to make a decision based upon religion. We as humans have to walk though our lives. We do what we do. Hopefully, we try our very best ... we improve when we make mistakes and the idea of aliens is pretty darned hilarious. According to my seven year old son, there is nothing funnier than an Alien or a chicken. According to his lil' buddy Vincent, super heroes are the ultimate.
    I personally think adults take everything far too seriously. At the end not one of us on this site is going to be better than any other. Sorry to both of you for being such a stick in the mud and completely poopy. ... I still oppose fur farming and will take that to the Big Guy... completely unfair.

    Honestly Terry, for the most part, I did not understand you one little spit. ... Very sorry about that.

    Logging out permanently. Best wishes to you both and M-Cat, I am so pleased you found love. You deserve it.

    I was reading in the paper or on the internet the other day that the largest, most rapidly growing religion is Islam.

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