How do you deal with the 'phone calls' offering you free money for airline travel?

    I phone the companies represented usually to find, they are not offering that deal until... I ran into one particular company based in United States that has dealings with all the others .  Curious.  

    What is more curious is how many companies are actually one and how many of the employees working are sitting at their kitchen table.   


    Business has changed.  Ethics have changed. Dealing with companies has definitely changed.

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    I just hang up.:)


    Oh Tommy, you know that's way too simple. Haha

    If I have time to kill, I string them along but immediately begin by asking them whether they accept credit cards. Then the fun begins...

    I ask where they are and what is the wether like? Then tell them I don’t plan on traveling anywhere. Then I tell them not to ever call my number again. There is a law that supports this……...

    I tell them that they are breaking a Canadian law because I am on our "Do Not Call" list. Of course, that appears to be a joke because the calls keep coming. I find that if you challenge them, they become quite rude. Strange attitude since they are calling my home and supposedly trying to sell me something.

    I tell them that "there's no such thing as a free ride."


    I do as well, but then I began experimenting with my answers considering the phone calls come each day. Today, I discovered something odd.

    i tell them they can have my free money because i don't fly unless i'm going to pick up money that i earned.

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