Do Americans read left to right

    Somebody wrote their birthday on AKA,, go from birth to death, is to go from birth to finish,,,your birthday begins on your first day of your first month of your first year..1,2,3 makes sense to me,,,show me where i am wrong..>>>>>><<<<<<< 

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    As far as dates go they don't.As in 9/11 etc.Month comes first then the day then the year.
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    Hey Tom,,can it be explained..>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Funny how the whole world calls it 9/11 though, are we being secretly converted?

    It does real off the tongue easier though, doesn't it. Especially if you try to say it with an American accent.

    Two Australians and a Scott and one Englishman talking about Americans. I must be the only one here who speak proper Inglish en it.

    Oh ye?
    Are they speaking proper English in Essex now Dave?

    Yer that Wat go in down here bro en it..

    ?this like questions the answering us of any see you do

    !Funny that's Phyl.
    Haha! But wait a minute.You know how things can get started on this site.

    !control of out all are we,know you thing next the
    careful be better we'd


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    Our books are written/typeset left to right.  I'm not really sure what you are saying about birthdays, but when I am asked my birthday, I always reply, "March 7, 1952"  3-7-52.  

    I DO understand what I think you are saying about birth day, though.  When you are born, you are 0 days old.  When you celebrate your first birthday, it is the first 365 days of your life that you are celebrating.  ONE COMPLETE YEAR.  

    terryfossil 1

    so when you write your birthday,it should be

    There are a lot of variations, so I think the main thing is that, if the birthdates really matter, they should all be written the same. My kids' school records always went month-day-year. Obviously, what I grew up with comes naturally and a variation seems odd!

    Now I’m confused……..

    terryfossil 1

    Me too JH,I was not before i asked the question,,,now i am sorry i asked the question..>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    That would be for the same reason that they drive on the wrong side of the road.

    terryfossil 1

    At least that is understandable Sunny,,they put the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car,,so they have to drive on the other side of the road,,so therefore we blame the car manufacturers...

    I think converting to left hand drive was considered here once.For about a minute.LOL. Our cars were mainly imports from Britain in the early part of the last century that's why we drive on the left.

    Almost any paper or electronic applications in the USA always ask month,day, year for your birthday. And we think your steering wheels are on the wrong side so that's why you drive on the wrong side! LOL:)


    Do you look at horoscopes? They are month then day.

    Not here they're not.

    So how do they look Tommyh??

    2/03/2014 = March 3rd.2014
    terryfossil 1

    Tom =march 2nd 2014..very confusing hey..????????

    yes yes we do.

    terryfossil 1

    then why the unusual position of the date, ex: 2-15-2001 instead of 15-2-2001
    country bumpkin

    I had no idea the USA are the only people in the world to write the month before the date until I met Roy/ROMOS. Though it may be considered unusual to write it in reverse I prefer the way I was taught to write month/day/year even if it's considered by others to be written incorrectly. :)

    Right Bob,,in Aussie we would write your birthday  7-3-1952  you would write 3-7-1952..just wondering about the difference..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<


    We don't know why we were taught to do it that way in the U.S.,,.....but we were. Maybe your way makes more sense. I'm not sure.

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