Why do people have 2 ears and one mouth?

    I can't say for sure, but probably because they should spend twice the amount of time LISTENING rather than TALKING. Think about how much better the world might be. 

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    In case something happened to one of the ears. Ditto for the two eyes and two kidneys., and two lungs. And that's why kids have two parents, so if something happens to the one parent, they always got the other one. And as for only one mouth,God thought we were mouthy enough and eating too much out of the one mouth anyway.  Why don't we have two heads ? for a spare ? or two hearts ?


    ...or 2 noses?

    Clonge,.......We have two nostrils, two nasal passages, and two bronchial passages and two lungs.

    Talk about double talk!!!

    With so many sounds around us...having two ears is the minimum!  Mom was deaf in one ear from her teens.  It was hard to single out the sound she wanted to focus on hearing.  When she needed a hearing aid for her "good" ear, it became even more difficult.  Try wearing a hearing aid to get an idea of the importance of BOTH ears being healthy and functioning! 

    ALSO, two ears helps hold up our glasses!  This poor fellow would have enough problems being fitted with TWO ears..........

    Image result for rabbit with only one ear photo


    Listen much and speak less you will become wiser

    if we had two mouths we'd be twice as fat. one ear would be great, then we could play like we really don't hear people, unless we turned around.


    That's what I said, that if we had two mouths, we would eat that much more .

    mycatsmom i went back and read your answer again (i had read it earlier, but did not give an answer, but then just now decided to give one.) that is what you said.

    Tab, Don't worry about it. I didn't mean anything by it when I said " That's what I said "

    mycatsmom i'm not too worried. have a beautiful day!

    Ears are made to listen more and one mouth to eat lest so we can hear when someone speaks.

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