What are your pet hates?

    Mine are : people who use cellphones while driving; smoking, shopping; dancing.

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    Drinking smoking using cell while driving


    That is multi-tasking.

    liberals, obama, people who support him. losing at casino, hot weather, mice, mosquitos, vehicle breaking down away from home.

    Liars and Cheats, People who are incapable of saying "I'm sorry", Pushy tourists, Sales Tax name but a few


    but, it's a step in the right direction

    Yes, it IS a step in the right direction. The people I'm talking about not only can't SAY the words, they don't think they've anything to apologize FOR!!!
    You might not hear from them for months (and, believe me, not caring all the while), then they are on the phone or at your door, whining for something, and thinking you are glad to see them. PTOOOOI

    Anyone waking me up when I FINALLY manage to get to sleep....NOTHING else comes close!!..(well kids do I suppose)!!...:-))

    I oppose war, all wars and those trying to get us or anyone into war. I do not like toy guns, BB guns, hunting and cops who wear guns on their hip like cowboys. I do not accept pretentious violence and the scenarios leading up to violence is predictable stupid and absurd. So to end war, I withdraw my attention from all forms of wars expression. If everyone would do likewise, we will end war...we have so many happy things to look forward to.


    I`m not stalking you rob!LOL...JUST a lot of tu to you today!

    When other people complain about something that can't be changed..............

    Currently it's getting old.Things that were so easy for me once that I took them for granted are now a challenge at times.


    I feel your pain. I feel my pain. I feel pain.

    LOL Phyl.It's a bugger!

    I feel the pain for both of you! :)

    People who talk loud on a mobile phone,being late for an appointment,people who do not give up their seat for elderly or pregnant women,people who chew their food with their mouth open,children who butt into an adult conversation,women who have a gutter tongue, top of the list  dealing with ANY governmental or council department,,,,,and that is just off the top of my head,,,,,,,,,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    My pets hate it when I say "No more treats for you today!"

    Snakes, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils.


    Is a gerbil something like a piecost?

    What is a "piecost"? Is it something like a digiredoo?

    What's a piecost?
    $3.50 with sauce.

    Funny! Like what's a henway"? About 3 pounds.

    Still trying to work out what a gerbil is.

    #1 War, it's so stupid in this day and age.  Drivers who drive too close. It's really bad in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have at least 20 accidents every day.  Most other things i just meditate away and enjoy the birds, bees, flowers and trees.

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