Cats find people.... Me specifically, again.

    My cat passed away a month ago.  I had her for seven years. She showed up at my back door as skinny as a rail and so, the most obvious thought popped into my mind, "Feed the cat.".  I really loved that cat.

    I have never purchased a cat however, for the past 25 years a cat has owned me.  Each one of them found me.

    Today a new skinny and very cute cat came to live on my porch.  I think this cat is here to stay. I have started the process of finding the owner.  ... I have the feeling I am going to be owned by a new cat even though I promised my husband I would not rescue any more. ... of anything, (Tall order), ever again.

    My question is, does this happen to anyone else?  Do cats show up when there is a vacancy at your home?

    My husband is not amused :)



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    So sorry to hear about your cat passing. Nothing hurts worse (at the time) then losing a pet. God bless you and it and the new kitty. You husband will grow to love it. My guess is he is feeling the loss, too…...

    I found the owner! Yay!

    It was very sad as Lilo had dementia. I had a very difficult time coming to terms and in the end my Mother was the person who shook me out of denial.

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    When I was very little, about 6 or 7, I often had cats "follow me home". (Pssttttt, here kitty, kitty, kitty, come on kitty.) My mother always helped me to return them to their rightful owner, even though I tried to explain to her that they were homeless.           :)


    O,L,L,I use to bring all the stray cats home when i was a kid,

    They follow very easily once you learn the technique. :)

    Never had the luck of an animal finding us, we’re a good home for the beast.  Our cats were all rescued from the pound though.  My blond cat was feral to begin with and is the  most loving.  The other is all cat: stubborn, deaf, resistant, and aloof.  We love them mucho……..



    country bumpkin

    Is that your dentist? He's handsome! (*~*)

    Yes, he is and very tall. My sister said we BOTH look high in the picture…..
    country bumpkin

    Well you darn sure do with that gas mask on your face. LOL
    My dentist from Texas was in his 30's brown hair and blue eyes. He was a handsome fox too.

    Mark (the dentist) likes his friend to call him by his first name. He and James went to see Joe Bonamasa, Mark hired a car and they got stinking drunk…..

    Yes miss Fishy,i had one called Charly for some time he was a wild cat but we look after him for maney a year ,still miss him very much,

    Somehow, on the day my father died, a kitten followed my then-13 year old son home from school.  Very interesting, as he was picked up by a family friend and driven home, six miles away...

    DOGS have been the ones to find our family, from the ones who were dumped over my parents' front yard brick fence to the ones who wandered into our yard. We never turned one away or took him/her to the pound.


    This little Minnow is pretty old. I can't turn her away. She is very sweet. I am going to post her 'find' on the national website. For some reason I don't think anyone will claim her.

    Probably not, but you need to go through the motions so Mr. Hubby lets it slide. I love that you're taking Minnow into your heart and home. (I named her for you)

    I found her owner and came home to a large bouquet of flowers yesterday. :)

    That's so sweet! HaVing list a pretty, I can understand how the cat's private housekeeper/chef must have felt getting Minnow back.
    Everybody came out ahead this time

    Hi Fish,it happened once to my wife and me,we had a dog named Ben,another Shi-tzu turned up in our street,We took him in and named him Timmy,He stayed till he died,as did Ben, we will not have another animal,because we will not be outlived by one of our mates,,,,

    Yep ... people just kept dumping them off in our old neighbourhood ...



    I found the owner. She is very happy her cat is home ;)

    YAY OH YAY!!!

    I know! Yay!

    Very nice.

    I do believe that our pets pick us.


    I agree. :)

    I agree itsmine.
    terryfossil 1

    It is not till after you have had the animal for awhile that you realize the animal wants you for more than just food..then you know you have a true friend...>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    ....our two barn cats found us 18 years ago passed away last year;Big Tig had a good 17 years 


    ....miss the Fish
    terryfossil 1

    You have stayers and sprinters here Benny..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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