boat people

    What do you think of Australia's immigration policy on turning back the boats...>>>><<<<<<

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    Illegal immigration is a huge problem in Europe also. Italy has had to cope with an influx of nearly 100,000 people so far this year from North Africa.They apparently don't get any funds for this from the EC. And what about all those kids from Mexico trying to enter the US?


    I don't understand your point.

    The world is big and filled with abundance. The one single problem is the negative attitude of mankind.

    Every person needs a roof over their heads.

    Every person deserves a safe community. .

    Every person belongs.

    You are clearly an altruist, and correctly so; and if every country had no borders that is a fair attitude. However, no country has an unlimited capacity to absorb everyone who wishes to live there.

    Hear Hear,norm,we have not all got the land mass of America and the like,
    terryfossil 1

    You are right Nom,Every country has to be able to support the population of its country,,if all countries had an open door policy,,they will soon become 3rd world countries like the countries the people came from,,you have to supply ,,jobs,homes,water,toilet systyms,and a welfare systeym that can support people,if you have 30 million people in your country and only 10 million work,,where is the money to run the country going to come from??10 million people supporting 20 million,, yeah that works well?????????????????????????????????????

    Let us just suppose you are correct. I would have to go home to my place of birth and so would at least 50% of the city I live in. That is just for starters. Most of my friends, including the one's who actually came to Canada as refugees, would have to back to where they came from.

    My husband was born in Canada however his parens were not. They also adopted a child who's birth parents originated from two entirely different parts of the globe. My son was born in Canada. Where does he go? Where do my friends children go?

    It gets far more complicated than that as I have Scottish, Irish and French ancestry. ....hmmm... I would have to be split into three parts whilst being booted out of the country I was born in. Terry, you are more fortunate as you only have to be split in half. I hope you are saying goodby to your wife Nom. All eyes must be looking upon you as if you don't belong where you reside, considering the history between Britain and France.

    The way I see things, one can be part of what you consider to be a problem or part of the solution. Complaining on a forum such as this, does not solve problems. It only breeds intolerance.

    Heraclitus said, "There is nothing permanent except change."

    Accepting change can be a challenge.

    I am working on a paper at the moment. Thank goodness you are not the professors. ... I would be hooped.

    Great idea, it's a pity our government aren't half as tough about immigration. They talk a good policy, but they don't enforce it. 


    I was born in England. I now live in Canada.

    I came to Canada on a boat.

    Yes but you went there legally, and you have Contributed to the economy there, most of them come here for the handouts.

    No such thing as a global community then. I had better pack my bags and go home but, not before I tell most of my friends to do the same.

    My son’t daddy was a “boat person” but he did it legal, days on a boat with no water and then months in a camp. Got a sponsor and is finally his American citizenship. I hope my son is proud……..


    Did he come to Texas from Central America ?

    Your son should be proud .

    Two large journeys :)
    terryfossil 1

    That sort of immigrant generally makes one of the best citizens,your son and you should be very proud of him,,we have a lot of people in Aussie from other countries,,and a lot of them do make the BEST Australians,,,

    The man left her to raise a child alone.

    To his credit, he was/is a good man. Where he went is a long story but my son DID know him……….

    Julie was left alone and not well at the time, (To my understanding.). Her son was taken away. This woman's journey has not been easy. Less than pretty and a miracle of sorts.

    The real hero is Julie. A woman with dignity in the frontline of all disrespect that can be thrusted at any individual.

    A person is not measured from where they originate from but, the spirit of their being.

    Mankind was not placed upon this earth to judge.

    Mankind was placed here to learn and grow.

    Julie understands that part.

    A true hero.

    With all of my heart Julie, I hope and pray you will once again spend time with your son.


    I’m almost crying and not a little embarrassed. Thank you, sweet lady…...

    You are simply amazing. I am honoured to know you. It is a gift.
    terryfossil 1

    Fish, i am sure JH saw something very good in him>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    What boat people? What immigration policy? Anybody can come here.Is it too mauch to ask that they use the front door?

    terryfossil 1

    2 boats last week Tom,the government was sending them back,but the labor and greens took the government to court,to stop us sending them back.somebody is selling us out......

    Yeah,I know.That's why I said "What immigration policy".Nothing seems to work to the satisfaction of everybody.They have to make it clear in Indonesia that you are only welcome thru the front door.Sneaking in the back door is not the way to go.
    terryfossil 1

    Thats the joke Tom,both boats did not come from Indonesia,they came from sri-lanka,,what the hell are they running away from................

    Exactly Terry!Sri Lanka is a peaceful country.I don't think genuine immigration from there is all that difficult.The boats may come from Sri Lanka Just as they come from Indonesia but...Are the refugees Sri Lankan or Indonesian? In most cases .NO!

    We have the same problem in the U/K ,a lot of Aussie landing on our shores lately,

    Yes Dennis but the Aussies you're getting are paying customers.

    This is not a problem. It is life. This is a great big world. The only problem is when "we" can't figure out how "we" all fit in.


    only joking Tommyh,wish all our incoming peoples were from Aussie land or Newzealand,or the Rockies,
    terryfossil 1

    Comon Fish,,Australia is a multicultural country,whether i agree with that or not does not matter,our law says anybody can come to our country,as long as they come legally,most countries in the world have that law, probably including your own,but if we let too many of some cultures into our country,we will lose our freedom, They want their culture and our freedom. the very thing that cost them their freedom in their own country,,i do not know about the culture you have in your country Fish,but in Aussie we say "never bite the hand that feeds you,",,,,,Always nice talking Fish..


    I honestly don't think it is always nice talking to me as I tend to challenge you. I am a pain in your buttocks.

    I am also a progressive thinker.

    A problem will always be a problem if one permits it to sit just as that.

    A solution is far more valuable .

    Tolerance is derived from God. I know this to be true.

    God also invented empathy and the ability to walk in another person's shoes for at least one mile. ... I take that seriously. It is a precious gift.

    Warm your heart up and listen. You have already come a long way. Don't stop now.
    terryfossil 1

    No Fish, you do not challenge me,but i do come away feeling like you do not understand my comment,i get the feeling that you think we should all live together in harmony,all holding hands and sucking on ice creams,,i am sorry Fish but sometimes if you want peace you have to fight for it,,and until Jesus return and knocks it all on the head,most of us will continue to fight for peace and freedom ,,,Still always nice talking Fish

    My dad came to England from Ireland in a boat, to fight a war against the Germans,only to have his hand blown off by a Dum-Dum,bullet,that they were so fond of using,Now they are winning the third world war in a different way,By thier domination of the E,U,making sure is all in thier favour,


    Very true Dennis,
    terryfossil 1

    Hey Hec, it is a different war these days,is it not Hec.???????????

    Terry , I think the U.S. should have turned them back in the 70s and 80s. Castro opened up his prisons and dumped them all on Miami. He sent them to us in crummy boats. WE had to absorve them


    You actually believe that in that particular situation that America held " no blame" ?

    Great Britain sent a lot of people to where the kangaroos live.

    It is pretty easy to look at things without being in the room at the time when decisions are made.

    Tolerance is a virtue.

    95 percent of "those Cuban people" could have been opposed to communism for all you know.

    It seems pretty silly to judge when the only shoes you happen to walk in are you own. ... I hope you purchased good ones. Lousy shoes hurt like the dickens. Sore feet are just that. Really sore feet.

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