Do you think the earth is a living organism ?

    I think so

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    Hi M-cat;

    After dealing with so many items which come from the earth in order to make 'glass specifically', in a great many forms... yes.  Definitely organic and definitely organisms, completely related or non-related to one another.

    Everything, even the simplest rock broken down is complicated and has energy.  We live on an organic planet. All items are related living in some form which react to the world surrounding it in one way or another.  Good and bad and sometimes very bad.

    A fact that should be respected.

    Here is a very cute catfish just for you.


    Have yourself a glorious one!

    Atoms LIVE, save the atoms..........


    Yes, it is a living organism.  Everything is alive in some form.  Plants, furniture, the air, dirt, persons. We are all made up of moving, living organisms or atoms.  This is why cremation works……...



    Ashes to ashes, as they say.

    Ah, so that's why the dust balls in my place seem to roam around...they're alive!

    No I don't.I think it's a tiny speck of very complicated space dust drifting around in a universe which is unimagineable in it's proportions.I don't think that any of us have the mental ability to fathom it's actual workings in relation to the rest of the universe.


    Your answer was interesting and kinda makes sense. But, I feel sorry for our little Earth that it is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

    That's OK Julie.I TU'd you anyway.:)

    I don't think the earth is , I tried to discuss this with my nephew a little while ago, he's studying physics at university,he lost me after about ten minutes. Now I'm even more confused.

    The Earth is not an organism, however, organisms live and depend upon the resources of Earth.


    Don't you think the earth is alive ?
    the earth consists of a metallic core, rocky mantle, sial( silicon aluminate)and sima(silicon magnesium) crust which are in no way organic therefore the earth is not living

    Ah ha! According to this statement, the Earth is Alien.

    Now, I will have to back to school. That could be why some glazes actually don't work.... and I thought my ramp firing schedules were off.

    Long live the aliens ... Woot!

    and the inside of the earth is active, living , molten lava. The soil covering the earth is alive.So are the lakes, rivers, and oceans.

    Earth is a place where organisms live and die.But only for the next 4.5 billion years or so.


    Ok to book my holiday for next year then?

    I coughed while I was clicking and accidentally hit TD. Didn’t mean it, sorry……...

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