This is a surprise?>>>>>>>

    Who'd've thunk?

    And yet Scotland have never won the World Cup.

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    Disturbing yet I'm still not for gun control. Call me what you want but if you take the gun away from good guys, all that’s left is the bad guys……...


    The USA haven't played in their section yet.

    maybe he's talking about soccer ;-)

    A very strange day it would be if USA won the World Cup ... indeed. That would be far too strange.

    jh, another new profile pic ? Is this taken from your vacation pics. ?

    I’m not sure, I took so many. I have to change the avatar because the site keeps changing it w/o my permission or knowledge……..

    The UK has 67 guns yet they only killed a quarter of a person.The USA only has 1 more gu yet they managed to kill ten and one third people.Who woulda thought????


    Tough luck for the socceroos Tom. They at least deserved a drawl last night.

    I didn't see the game Roy but I am told that the score doesn't reflect tha game they played.
    (We're still proud of 'em)

    Population of Australia = 26.06 million. Population of the USA (not including the millions of illegal immigrants who do kill people when they get here)316.13 million. Yup, I would expect that the USA would have more deaths by guns (HOMICIDE, SELF INFLICTED, ACCIDENTS, POLICE SHOOTINGS)or anything else considering the number of people here (including crazies from other countries since we're still such a melting pot). I'm still pro 2nd amendment. Not sure how gun deaths and soccer relate but whatever.......

    The U.S. only has 68 guns ? ! I think not. More like 68,000 guns

    68 guns per 100,000 population.

    Football and guns sometimes get together Colleen, ask the family of Andrés Escobar.
    terryfossil 1

    Just one of the reasons i cannot see soccer as a sport,Fish
    terryfossil 1

    Tom,again i say,guns do not go off by themselves,,knives do not stab people by themselves,,


    Soccer is a sport.

    Don't worry Terry.I agree!

    Soccer is a sport.

    Clearly, neither one of you grew up playing it. ... The next thing you will be clicking away at is... Hockey is not a sport either.

    Keep cheering for your synchronized swimming boys. :) ... Woot!
    terryfossil 1

    Cmon Fish,we know about hockey,i think Aussie won gold in the men and women at the commonwealth games,however soccer is not one of our top games,our main sports are,rugby league,rugby union,aerial ping pong,cricket,tennis,swimming,then possibly soccer,however we have never shot anybody for winning or losing a game of sport,we like our guns,we won gold at the Olympics for the sport of shooting,,not for shooting soccer players or footy players..Always nice talking Fish..>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Tommyh're only gunna confuse her with the arial ping pong thing.LOL.
    terryfossil 1

    That might have been intentional Tom,,but the rest of it is true..>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    I looked it up Gents, not cofused at all. :) ... Terry you are preaching to the choir here. ... I still however believe that Soccer is the beautiful sport where guns have absolutely no place. On or off the field.
    terryfossil 1

    Hey Fish,the only SPORT i would call beautiful is diving,,can you tell me what is beautiful about soccer ??and i do not mean some goose running around with his shirt pulled over his head..i await your response with bated breath....Always nice talking Fish.>>>>><<<<<<<

    The Itallian soccer team is usually very beautiful especially around World Cup time. Yes... Men in shorts!
    terryfossil 1

    Gotcha Fish,In Aussie they say we have beautiful beaches,sand,sun,waves...Naaaaaa must have been the scantily clothed bikini shielers all over the beach,,,how about that,my memory doing alright.....>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    You are very right Romos,,there are a lot of surprises in that table,,a real eye opener..>>>>>>>>>

    It's interesting that some countries have way more murders by firearm than the U.S.  Everybody thinks the U.S is the murder capital of the world. But Uruguay has way more murders that the U.S. And it's interesting that the suicide rate is higher in every country than the murder rate.

    Surprising and interesting.

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