Things we can learn from our dog?

    Listing out few things we can learn from our dogs.

    Food – You may notice that your dog always lick the bowl where food was. You have to make sure that you will not throw some food in your home. If you are cooking, then prepare smaller amounts of food, which is how you will for sure save some money on a monthly base.

    Take a nap – You must have noticed how your dog likes to nap. When you feel tired, you should do the same, because taking a nap will help you feel more energized and concentrated.

    Love – As a pet owner, you can see the happiness in your god eyes when you come home from work, and that endless love that your dog is giving you daily. Be like your dog, love your friends and family.

    Breathing – You have to breathe properly. Dogs always do breathe properly, so make sure that you are breathing from your lungs and stomach, because that is very important for your muscles and brain.

    Have a passion – You can throw the ball to your dog all day long, and your pet will run and enjoy in every moment of playing, because that is what your dog loves. Find something you will equally enjoy, and dedicate your self to it.

    Just observe your dog , and you will learn something new every day.


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    And sometimes their toilet habits are better than some of their owners.

    The water in the toilet is usually fresh…….

    Greetings Elena Forbes;


    All of the above and the ability to have a laugh.  I have never had a dog in my life that didn't understand  hilarity.  Dogs have a large sense of humor.


    Fish of the day....



    Have a glorious one!

    And next time you have a lamb roast bury the bone for 3 months then dig it up & enjoy it.

    My shepherd mix, Darrel, God rest his soul in Dog Heaven, was the most patient character I've ever known.  When we got home, the other three dogs would be clamoring for attention.  Darrel always hung back and watched.  He'd look at me as if to say, "When they're done, I'm here for you, too."


    OK, I'll take your advice and start emulating my dog's behavioural habits but I must warn you that when he licks his's where I draw the line.


    And for that, we thank you!

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