Hillery Clinton,reckons Scotland should not break away from the United Kindom,What do others think out thier,or dont they care a monkeys,??

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    I don't think Sotland will ever "Break Away" from England 100%.There are after all very strong ties there.

    Berliner's didn't think the Berlin Wall would come down and it did. One never knows what each new day will bring. :)

    When the words become large in Quebec, I always hope the voters don't decide to leave.

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    I'm as Scottish as you can get, and if you'd asked me 6 months ago how to vote I'd have voted no, but now I'm not so sure, I still need a little more convincing though.

    As for Hillary, she has an opinion but Scots people REALLY don't care what she or any other non Scot says

    I have no knowledge of what goes on in Scotland and certainly can't explain anything Hilary Clinton says or does.  

    I would expect the good people of Scotland to do what is in their best interest economically and liberationally (yeah, I know that's not a word).  They wouldn't want to put themselves in jeopardy of being vulnerable to an aggressive, oppressive foe. 


    All will be revealed in september,When they have thier refferendom,Miss Bob,

    Keep me posted.

    Well...for starters...Idon't think it's any of her business. She should keep her opinions to herself.


    This answer is beyond perfect!
    terryfossil 1

    I thought everybody had a right to express their opinions right or is not a directive just an opinion Tom.<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Are you sure, Tom, you CAN have both her and Bill, they are great at everything, ask them!

    No thanks.We already have enough of them.But Mr.Abbott is in your country at tha moment.Any chance you could keep him?

    So true Terry. But you don't have to voice your views on other peoples business on TV for the world to see just because it enhances your own political agenda.

    Greetings Lovely Hector;

    Hilary Clinton needs to take up scrapbooking.




    I bet she has loads of pictures.  Scrapbooking is time consuming. 

    Fish of the day...



    Have a glorious one!


    Scotland is welcome to join us here in the Kanadas if she so wishes .... come on down!!!




    I Will let Ted know,Miss Lindy,me,i have dual nationalty,as im half Irish,

    Wonderful! I am First Nations Cree and German and Russian and Polish and Romanian and Spanish and Scottish and Mongol ... a real Canadian! OLL!

    I thought thier was a little Pole in you,Miss Lindy,you can see it in your blue eyes,

    Well i ment a kind of Greenie Blueish,

    ... like the ocean .... blinkity blink ...
    I must sleep now... g'nite sweet prince.... and Wills!

    Nite dont let the bed bugs bite,xxx,

    Wasn’t this what the movie BRAVEHEART all about?  Apparently, Hillary didn’t see it. Oh, I don’t know, it’s none of my business.  I say leave it up to vote. What does England stand to lose if Scotland secedes…..?



    And then you guys will get to keep all of the profits?

    Yep, apart from the taxes.

    Hillary and Bill, what can we say?  Does anyone want some used politicians?

    Hey Hec, Aussie is not in England hip pocket, and we row our own boat, We have our own National Anthem, and we are still about 50% Australian and English  history,,so i do not see why Scotland cannot have it's own independence,,and still have ties with England, their history will always be pretty well linked,,Nothing wrong with having the best of both worlds,,i am not a professor of history,,it is simply my opinion Hec..<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Always nice talking.. 


    Thats right Terry they are having thier refferdom in September to decide for themsleves,Only Scotsman living in Scotland will be able to vote in the reffendom,Ramos will know all about it,

    I don't see what Hillary has got to do with Scotland. She can't even manage her own marriage, or their money.  I think whatever is best for the residents of Scotland, and whatever they want, is what they should have.

    When I learned that there are 2 happy days in a boat owners life...the day you buy it and the day you sell it; I began applying that logic and reasoning to everything. I found a vast number of great applications for that thoughtful relic...and the list goes on...and on.  


    i have always hired my boats Rob,

    Around here, as there is a lot of water, the saying goes, "A boat is a hole in the water that you sink money into.".

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